Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5: Pinwheel Edition

Here is a picture of the quilt I'm working on right now. I just bought two beautiful pieces of fabric for the borders, which I hope to sew on this afternoon. Or tomorrow. Or in the next couple of weeks ...

This is one of three quilts I'm making for Christmas presents (it's for my editor). I've finished the blocks for the second one (finished them last summer, actually; they've been lounging about waiting for me to do something with them ever since), and just ordered fabric for the third. Can I do it? Can I actually have three admittedly smallish quilts done by December 15th, in time to mail them?

Yes. If I completely forgo all housekeeping between now and then, I most certain can--and will--finish them. I may have to quit cooking, too. All in the name of Christmas love. My family will understand.

Okay, I'm off to eat lunch and then get to work on the attic. And then go to the gym. And then work on quilts.

Notice how cleaning the bathrooms does not make an appearance on that list? The bathrooms are on their own this weekend. And every weekend, for that matter.

Really, if you ever come over to my house, stay out of the bathrooms. Really. I mean it.


Angela said...

I promise I will stay out of the bathroom.
Why has our loo started playing up JUST when guests arrive?
It's VERY clean - but refusing to flush properly!

magsmcc said...

Oh, housework and cooking have to be inordinately overrated- stick with the quilting, I say! Mind you, I am beginning to worry slightly. Do you feel the need to sit down and drink tea and maybe just breathe? Not yet? OK! Jolly good!

Tracy said...

So not only are Mr Busy and Will messy bedroom twins, but our bathrooms are twins also. I cleaned the kids' bathroom and toilet yesterday in preparation for guests. Oh. My. Goodness. Those people are slobs. I'm really not sure how they are related to me!

Angela, you need an Aussie toilet. Our experience with American toilets is that they're not as efficient as ours.

Pom Pom said...

Your editor will love the quilt! It's beautiful!
Making Christmas gifts is such a loving investment of time.
I love your every day blogging, Frances.

Gumbo Lily said...

Lucky Editor!!!! Will she/he know how much love, time, effort goes into that beautiful pinwheel beauty? I know what you mean about housework and cooking taking a back seat when one is quilting her heart out. You just want to sew and sew and sew and have a cup of coffee and sew some more. Stopping is such a drag.

Bathrooms. I like 'em clean, but mine are not just now and here I am fiddling on the interwebs.


Melissa E said...

Love the quilt! I am the same way this time of goes to the wayside and I spend hours in the craft room making Christmas gifts. Working on my brother's at the moment and then on to others. If I get on a roll, I just have to stop everything else!

Danielle said...

The quilt is so pretty, she is going to love it!

I've think that cleaning the bathrooms is an excellent chore to give to our WOW playing boys. Before Friday night blitz, time for some swishing and swiping. What say you?

The dB family said...

Okay, I'm all for the quitting cooking. As far as the housework, it's hopeless anyways -- at least here it is. Happy quilting!