Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4: Report Card Report

I'm almost disappointed to tell you that Jack's report card was good. All A's and one B- (French). I feel this report card doesn't adequately reflect his bad attitude and lack of effort. It doesn't reflect all the time he spends reading online gaming forums instead of real literature. It doesn't reflect how miserable he's been making us all fall. Sigh.

You know what I think Jack's report card reflects? The fact that Jack is a quiet and well-behaved child. This is a rare thing in a seventh grade boy, and Jack is getting rewarded for it. Several teachers' comments referred to the fact that Jack never presents a discipline problem in class. They don't care that he's rushing through his homework so he can play World of Warcraft. All they care about is that he's not popping bra straps while they're calling roll.

Anyway, I'm looking for creative ways to punish Jack in spite of his good grades. Let me know if you have any ideas.


Weekend! What are you doing? I'm going to be working on some quilts and knitting and maybe, yes, working in the attic. Here's my plan: I'm going to go to Home Depot and buy five brand spanking new boxes, and then I'm going to fill them up with attic junk. There is a charity pick-up scheduled for next week; all I have to do is call the organization and tell them I'm leaving five brand spanking new boxes on the front porch, and they'll come get them.

So you see, I haven't given up my dream of a Pristine Attic. The high temperatures of summer just put it on hold. But I'm back, baby, I'm back, so watch out attic! I'm comin' after ya.


magsmcc said...

I've been waiting for this post all morning- you see, you're the highlight of my month! I've even had to resort to housework to control the anticipation. I also even let them plug into technology... Though does it help if I say they are actually playing chess now? (Is chess checkers or are draughts checkers??) I am muchly identifying with the report card issues. Muchly. Email will foloow! I have already missed one day and may well miss today- have only husband's apple crumble to report and that hardly qualifies for Friday Cake Bake as he made it last night. Mind you, there must be a country in a different time zone where it would have been today? Must research- I shall be commenting daily- in all the banality that befits my station!

Danielle said...

Right now we are getting carpet installed upstairs so the entire house is pitched into chaos, again. A Don DeLillo-like toxic cloud of 12 years of carpet allergens has settled downstairs. I am so grossed out. If only we could afford all hardwoods.

I will spend the weekend (and the next week) trying to wrestle the chaos back into order. I break it up with an overnight camping trip with a group of 8/9 year-old girls this Sat/Sun. And I am not allowed to bring a flask.

Our boys. What to do? Aidan pulled off all As, including, in two of his core classes, the highest A. Both achieved their grades while spending hundreds of hours on the phone and playing WOW. I'm at a loss.

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

I am finding too that as long as my youngest doesn't disrupt, he gets a pat on the head at school - he refuses to do homework, doesn't turn up for detention, plays games online all the time at home and, yes, he is capable of so much more. He has labels, aspergers, ads, but the school seem to use these as an excuse not to push him too hard. I am at present trying very hard to get this school to challenge him and make him feel responsible for his progress, to INSPIRE him. I take away online games periodically to get him back on track as that's all I can think of! Do we worry too much? probably, having had limited education myself I know that where there's a will there's a way and it all works out in the end. Bettyx

Gumbo Lily said...

If Jack were my boy, I'd kiss those cherry lips and hug him round the neck and lavish praise on him for his fine behavior and his good grades.

The revenge of the attic! You go girl! I was slouching through the crawl space the other day and thought how badly I need to de-junk. I commend your tenacity.


Tracy said...

I've not yet come across the good grades/bad attitude combo. When one of Miss Sunshine's grades dips we ask serious questions. Of her and the teacher. Mr Busy is constantly disciplined at home and at school for his bad attitudes. It usually ends up with him staying in at school. I love his teacher to bits. Miss Mischief on the other hand, I've told her teacher that if she manages 60% on a maths test I would consider that an A for her. What she lacks in knowledge she makes up for in effort, poor kid.

Angela said...

When your attic is clear, please come and sort out mine!
I have daughters not sons. Things were different. They behaved OK, except they were incredibly bright and used to ask the teachers very difficult questions [knowing that the teachers could not answer] They take after their father.

Pom Pom said...

Uh oh. Now I'm nervous about parent-teacher conferences next week. I AM happy that a quiet "non-bra snapper" won my eighth period poetry contest with a deep and thoughtful piece about his origins. You reminded me to pay close attention and keep asking about their video game lives.

victoria said...

I have to admit that your summation of the Jack situation did make me smile (that's my version of laughing).

Amanda said...

I don't think grades are usually a true relection of ability or effort or intelligence. Middle school boys seem to realize how unimportant grades really are -- but we as parents can't let them act on that knowledge, which is what causes all this misery. My oldest (9th grade now) is very smart, creative, perceptive, but unfortunately sees right through his teachers and also loses homework habitually. My next boy (8th) gets perfect grades, never misplaces anything, but lacks creativity.

The dB family said...

Aargh! Boys! There's one here too. Fantastic marks -- except for failing French. Hah hah!! I can now be on his case for spending too much time on electronic devices. Go study your French, Boy!