Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 25: The Day After

I tried not to do too much today. It was hard, because I have such a long list of things to do. And okay, I did clean one of the upstairs bathrooms--in fact, it's the one we're all using right now, so it was pretty bad. But I also spent time quilting a quilt and walking the dog--oh, and I slept in.

It's hard to take it easy. The fact is, the only time I don't have any chores to do is when we're on vacation--or at least when we're on vacation and staying in a place without a kitchen. If there's a kitchen, then most likely I'm cooking. I don't mind, actually. Fixing dinner is one of the few times during the day when I have time to think.

I didn't go shopping today at all. My friend Danielle and her best pal Susan are Black Friday shoppers, so I get to live vicariously through them. I honor their fortitude and courage. I envy them getting big chunks of Christmas shopping before December 1st. But I can barely make myself shop on the best, least stressful shopping days. The biggest one of the year? I believe I'll stay home and scrape toothpaste out of the sink, thank you very much.

I have five days of daily blogging left. You know, it's sort of been fun, and it will be interesting to see how it affects my blogging when the challenge is over. Mostly I think it's given you some insight to how dull my daily life is. Roast beets! Bathroom cleaning! Whooeee.

Sad to say, my children have been fairly well behaved during the duration, although Jack seems to think that sleeping fully clothed is a fine idea, even when I instruct him in a very direct manner to put on some jams. I don't know if it's laziness, rebellion or that he just forgets. What is it about twelve-year-old boys? Having never been one, I really have no idea.

Okay, time to get Will to bed. He's refusing to go. If he has a really interesting fit, I'll write about it tomorrow. See you then!


Pom Pom said...

That's a good day right there!
I found a half finished quilt in the attic. A friend gave it to me years and years ago. It needs some quilty love. I'll email you a picture and if you like it, I'll mail it to you. If you don't like it, you may say, "That's weird, Pom Pom." I won't mind a bit.

Angela said...

I do not understand the Black Friday Phenomenon.
At All
Staying home seems by far the best activity!
When I was about 6, I tried going to bed in my clothes - it was cold [no CH in those days] and I figured I would keep warmer all night AND save time in the morning. My mother made it clear this was Not An Option!!
But I was a good little girl- I know nothing about boys!

blessings x

Amanda said...

My boys can't be made to see the point of pajamas. They sleep in their clothes or their undies, most of the time. Bedtime is just not when I'm willing to put up a big fight over such a small thing. If they don't want clean sheets, what can I do? I also love the Friday after Thanksgiving. So unbelievably free! One keeps thinking, there must be something I HAVE to do. But no, not really, other than ignore the to-do list.

Tracy said...

I love the idea of the amazing bargains you guys get on Black Friday. But I'm with you on avoiding shops on such a busy day. We have a similar thing on Boxing Day here (only not the same great bargains...but they're bargains to us) and I either go first thing in the morning or the day after. Right in the thick of it? No way.

Mr Busy seems to think changing into different clothes for bed is OK. He's beginning to shun PJ's too. He gets pretty feisty when we make him go and find PJ's. Actually, I think this is because he doesn't put things away and therefore doesn't know where they are and not so much that he wants to wear day-time clothes to bed.

magsmcc said...

You know, I am a middle-aged woman and can I just confess right here in front of the blogging stratosphere that I have gone to bed dog-tired and fallen right on in there fully clothed. There. Usually when I am going to bed so iniquitously late that the frozen North is cold indeed! Are there really only so few days left? Thanks for a great month, Frances, truly! It has been heart-warming and funny and fascinating and good!