Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14: Communications

Well, our phone lines are down and now Earthlink is down, so no phone calls or email for me. Actually, I do have my cell phone, and I guess now I'll finally be forced to use it. But no matter what, you can't make me text.

More funny Jack news: He went to the dentist today and has no cavities and his plaque score is down. More disappointment! How are we going to get this boy to floss if he's not getting cavities and his plaque score has dropped by two? (Does your dentist score plaque? This is new to us, as we are going to a new dentist these days--at least the boys are--and I don't know how I feel about it. On the one hand, it gives the boys something to strive for--get a 2 or less and you get a prize--on the other hand, it's one more thing for me to potentially feel badly about, as a poor plaque score surely reflects badly on the mother, don't you think?).

In any event, like Jack's report card, this good dental report has left me at a loss. Where are the grounds to nag? Nowhere that I can see.

Oh, really, it's all good news, isn't it? We had a conference with Jack's adviser, Miz E, last week (a regularly scheduled event at Our Fine Middle School), and she was very funny and kind about Jack. As a student at OFMS, you meet with your advisory group first thing in the morning--it's like home room--and you eat lunch together in your adviser's classroom (no cafeterias at OFMS). Well, oftentimes at lunch, Jack sits off by himself and reads, which comes to no surprise to them who know him well. The rest of the kids pull their desks together and have a good old time. And it turns out, they often cajole Jack into joining them. Miz E says she thinks Jack likes being cajoled. She thinks sometimes he sits off by himself just so the rest of the kids will start cajoling. That just tickles me.

She also said that Jack is always paying attention to people's conversations, and he especially listens to the girls, because of course the boys are all doofuses and have nothing interesting to say. This doesn't surprise me, that Jack is listening. For years, whenever I had a friend over during the day, Jack would park himself close by with a book and pretend to read, but I knew he was eavesdropping on the conversation. He's always paying attention.

So it's all good news, which is good news. I'm glad Jack's classmates make him join in, and I'm glad that five pounds of Halloween candy were not enough to ruin Jack's teeth over the last two weeks. The only thing I'm not glad about is that I need to make an appointment to have my teeth cleaned. Can't tell you how glad I am that my dentist doesn't keep score.


magsmcc said...

Bet you have lovely teeth. Good man, Jack! I am not ceasing to admire the interestingness of your life, Frances. If I decided to post daily it would be used as an example of how not to use the Internet! Now I'm only signing in to catch up with you!

Pom Pom said...

I like this. I've always loved listening to conversations I'm not a part of! I'm an eavesdropper, too.
Our orthodontist would always say, "Good job with the rubber bands! Awesome!" Not one of our kids used them. Oh well.
Plaque scores? I'm going to ask my sixth graders if they know about this!

Tracy said...

So my kids are bugging me to take them to the dentist. Super bad parenting. I had planned to take them last school holidays but they were all too sick and we spent our time at the doctor's office instead.

I spent my childhood eavesdropping. My mother never had the sense to send me away. I, on the other hand, chase my kids off so they don't go repeating adult conversations to all and sundry. Makes for embarrassing conversations with my work colleagues.

Danielle said...

Jack IS always paying attention. I can just picture him during lunch hanging back, reading, and secretly enjoying being cajoled. It makes me smile.

The dB family said...

Yeesh! A plaque score? You're right. I think it would be just another thing to reflect badly on us as mothers. Oh well. Did he get a new tooth brush?