Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 19: Today's Soup

Sweet Potato-Chorizo Sausage. And man, is it good. It's a pretty simple and straight-forward soup, though you can throw in a little spinach to jazz it up, which I did. My only regret? I forgot that we have spinach growing in the backyard and used some from the store. Arrrgghh!


The sleepover ended well, though there was a rough patch around 8:30 this morning, when Ethan thought Will should have let him win at a game they were playing, since it was a game Ethan had never played before. Will disagreed. Ethan insisted. Etc.

Now, personally, I think it would have been nice if Will had let Ethan win a game or two, Will being the host and all. On the other hand, Ethan is almost nine, and that may be a little old to expect other people to let you win the way you might have when you were five.

But it occurred to me that Ethan has a little sister, and it might be the rule in his family that you let the underdog win one game out of three, so he expected that rule to apply here. I don't recall that we ever pushed Jack much to let Will win, though I'm sure we took him aside from time to time and asked him to cut his brother a little slack when things got too uneven.


I'm beginning my Thanksgiving preparations. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. All of the feasting but none of the stress of Christmas! Just don't let me forget to make cornbread on Tuesday; it needs to sit out and get stale for two days before I turn it into stuffing.

Okay, well, I just got back from the gym, and I seem to have made the mistake of sitting down, even though I very much need a shower. Okay. Yup, I'm going to get up. Any minute here. Getting up now. Here I go. Just one more minute ...


Angela said...

Please post your cornbread recipe if you have time.

Watched a TV programme this morning when the chef said "A little bit of chorizo can liven up even the dullest soup" [Not that YOUR soup would be dull, of course]

I cannot grow spinach. I have to buy it every time!

blessings x

Tracy said...

Oh that's how I felt on Friday night after spending about 5 hours in the kitchen. Miss Mischief invited all the girls in her class over for dinner to celebrate her birthday. All but one came so there were 9. My feet were so, so sore and my back - oh boy was it tired! Once I sat down I really couldn't make myself get up again. LOL.

Thanksgiving doesn't happen here, but I love the idea of it. Of all the American traditions that eventually float across the sea to us this is the one I would prefer to take on. And you'd get an extra public holiday in the midst of a very busy school term. My that sounds good.

magsmcc said...

D'you know I had honestly just got to the bit about cutting siblings slack when Jo came in to complain that Mattman had ordered him to drop out for the good of the game- phew, at least Angela has already commented and won't wonder if they've been on the Wii continuously since she came... I love this blogging time- love reading all the Thanksgiving prep, and it strikes me as a fabulous time precisely for the reason you state! Happy cornbreading!

wayside wanderer said...

I don't believe in letting people win. What fun is THAT? No way, Jose!

Oh, please do post your dressing recipe! I am looking for tweaks for mine. I forgot I need to make cornbread. Duh. I have been spending too much time trying to figure out ways to lighten up the dressing...hahahaa. A friend told me, "Thanksgiving is only ONE day, Leslie." That woman doesn't struggle with HER weight. =P So if I can't really think of ways to lighten it up except maybe egg beaters (which, who is anybody kidding, that is not enough to do any good) I might as well have fun with it and change it up a bit.

Your soup sounds DELISH!

The dB family said...

Your posting every day has me hopping. I love hear what you've been up to each day. That soup sounds delicious!! I'm hoping I have a new batch of spinach sprouting in the spring.

Glad you all survived the sleepover!