Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Southern Fried Japanese Hot Lunch

Yesterday I started on the first draft of a new book. Vacation is over. I am a working girl once again. I hope to do a good job keeping up here, but if my posts seem brief and a little fragmented, it's not because I don't care.

Speaking of caring, everyone's praying for our friends in Victoria, Australia, right? I haven't heard the latest on the wildfires and hope they're finally dying down. It's very scary stuff, and nervous-making to boot.


Hot Lunch update: The children were absolutely adorable in their little kimonos fashioned out of men's white button down shirts and cinched with scarves and ties. Lunch was served on a low table festooned with tissue paper cherry blossoms. One of the moms brought chopsticks with little plastic thingys holding them together, making it easier for your average six-year-old to actually get the food into his or her mouth, and Will actually used them, proving once and for all that his problem is with food itself and not the utensils.

Wendy ordered the food from the nearby Japanese restaurant and brought it in. Here's what you'd expect: white rice, spring rolls. Here's what I found ethnically suspicious: California rolls. Do they really eat California rolls in Japan?

And here's what I found downright hilarious: fried chicken fingers, fried squash and fried onion rings. Since when is Bubba from Kyoto? I could have gone to my mother-in-laws house and had all this and sweet tea, to boot.

The good news is, the kids loved it (of course they did--they eat chicken nuggets at every meal, so they were right at home with this menu). Will only ate the rice, but, hey, it's food, and that counts for something.

I think this was my last hot lunch of the year. Now all I have to do is drive on a couple of field trips and do a couple of classroom reading sessions and I'm done til Fall '09. Beauty.


Off to write. Wish me luck.


Heather said...

Good Luck!

Tracy said...

Good luck with the writing. Miss Mischief is enjoying your books immensely. Her reading pile is looking like an 11yo's version of mine LOL.

Glad the Japanese lunch went so well. My kids love using chopsticks. They can manage a whole meal with them, which is saying something. If it were going too slow, they would abandon them quickly!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Thanks, Heather and Tracy. The first few days have gone pretty well, which is to say that so far I'm having fun and not tearing out my hair. That will come later, have no doubt!

I love watching kids using chopsticks. I've never gotten the hang of them myself, but then I hardly have the hang of using a fork. Not too coordinated, this one.