Monday, February 23, 2009

New Week, New Computer, New Workout (Oh, My!)

I walk a lot. I love to walk. Unfortunately, I walk so slowly most fitness experts would not consider what I do when I move one foot in front of the other as walking, per se. Call it "moseying along," if you will, or "Not quite sitting on the couch watching TV."

So I'm trying to pump it up a little bit by trying some aerobic workouts in my own home. I now have a Step Aerobics DVD, which I like quite a bit, and the other day the mail brought a lovely little number entitled something along the lines of "Dance Away the Pounds While Appearing to be Soliciting Gentlemen on a Street Corner."

I mean, the hip rolls you're instructed to do! The saucy catwalk--"Put some attitude in it, girls!"--the bumps, the grinds. I was a little chagrined to be doing it in front of the dog. Clearly, this is a DVD that will have to be hidden from the boys.

Was it fun? Yes, it was fun. Could I do half of the dance moves? No way, and not out of modesty, either. Just sheer lack of coordination, I'm afraid. Will I do it again? Sure, but only with the curtains drawn. Yikes!

I'm writing this on my new lap top. It's a MacBook of all things. My mother is so excited--she's a Mac gal from way back. She and Jack are now on the phone for hours a day, configuring. I have no idea what they're talking about. Really, a Mac is wasted on me, but Jack, being the techno geek that he is (yesterday he took MacBook for Dummies to read during the slow parts of church), is thrilled, and I now have a new tool with which to make him mind me. Want to use the MacBook? Go fold the laundry. Believe me, it works.

I haven't finished painting the trim in the upstairs hallway. I keep hoping that if I don't get around to it, my husband will. I could just ask him to, and he would, but then I'll lose all my painting cred.

The dog is being suspiciously quiet all the sudden. Must run!


Danielle said...

congrats on new mac laptop!

If we had an exercise aerobics dance-off, I guarantee that I'd take the prize for most awkward and ridiculous. Really.

Susan said...

Absolutely hide the new video from the boys. You may want to consider hiding it from hubby too. If he's anything like mine, he doesn't need to get any ideas that I should be capable of rolling my hips for anything more exciting than balancing a bag of groceries and a gallon of milk on one while I open the screendoor after grocery shopping.

Tracy said...

Oh the pictures in my mind!! I have slowed down with walking too. I betcha we could just mosey quite nicely at the same pace and feel challenged!

My BIL was showing me his Mac when he was over a few weeks back. They tell me they're oh-so-wonderful. Unfortunately I'm just not that clever and Publisher is as fancy as I get. My Step MIL told me she wanted me to put a Powerpoint together for FIL's birthday. I told her I had no idea how that works and some other family member would be more savvy. Like the 18yo nephew, for example!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Danielle, I can't think of anything more hilarious than you and me in an aerobics dance-off. If we wouldn't both die of embarrassment, I'd say let's do it. But we would die of embarrassment. That's a fact.

Susan, I have definitely considered keeping this particular DVD away from my husband, lest he think me a wanton woman.

Tracy, I'm not sure I'm clever enough for a Mac, either. In fact, I'm writing this on my old computer, just to feel in control again.

Victoria said...

I could imagine that the dog would be fairly entertained by the workout. Yay for new laptop!

Victoria said...

p.s. I have heard that people who go to Macs never go back.