Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Paint

(Guess what? It's hard to take a picture of a hallway, especially a long, dark hallway. Nonetheless, I wanted to share with you the peachy goodness of our newly painted upstairs. I believe before we're done the whole house will be painted orange. Funny, that wasn't the plan.)

By writing this, I am officially procrastinating. I'm back from Home Depot with some more paint supplies, and any second now I'm going to finish up the trim in the hallway. I just have to remind myself how absolutely fabulous it will look when I'm done. Worth the pain and the paint in my hair.

Will, it turns out, has Strep. The fast culture at the doc's office said negative, the culture that was sent to the lab said think again. My husband probably has Strep, too. So far, Jack and I seem to be fighting it off, though my throat keeps tickling. It doesn't seem to understand that I refuse to get sick. I'm done with sick.

It's a teacher's workday, so the boys are home from school (Will would be home from school either way). Outside, the rain is cold and the skies are dreary. I can already feel a nap coming on. I better get painting.


Danielle said...

Viva l'orange!

Die germs, die.

Heather said...

Hope you don't get sick and all others get well soon.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Danielle, I believe we shall adopt "Viva l'orange" as our family motto. Will will be especially pleased!

Thanks, Heather. Jack just told me his throat is starting to hurt, but I refuse to believe him.

Tracy said...

I love that warm blush ~ not too strong, just beautiful.

Strep throat? Poor boy.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Yes, the color really gives the upstairs a warm feeling--which it very much needed!

Glad you got your computer working again!

Victoria said...

Orange is a pretty prefect color, yellow too - love that knitting wool. An entirely orange house sounds spectacular.
Strep on the other hand sounds quite scary and if not scary, then painful. Hope yous all get better QUICK.
p.s my husband thinks I paint too much like an artist to be allowed to paint anything in our house - apparantly I dab paint on walls like it's a picture and it's too uneven or something..

Angela said...

Superb paintwork!!

Just to report that I wore fishnet tights to church today - and NOBODY made any comment - other than my dear husband who said "I see you took up the challenge then!"

I hope all your family are well again by now
blessings- ang x

50sgal said...

I know how the home reno can go. But, now having travelled back to 1955, I have added another layer to my decorating schemes and dreams. I wonder if I am allowed to use pre-pasted wallpaper, I may end up in an "I Love Lucy" moment with paper and past all over me and a friend plasterd to the wall. Pretty color wall, by the bye.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Victoria--I find myself painting like an artist, too, doing creative little cross-hatches and swirls. It looks better wet than dry however. Dry, it just looks sort of mucky.

Angela--You wore the fishnets to church! You go, girl! But how could no one have commented? Do you think they were simply in shock? Or did you wear the fishnets under pants? That doesn't count, you know!

50sgal--You are a brave woman to consider wallpaper, pre-pasted or not. I would definitely have the I Love Lucy moment. I think it may be illegal for me to even think about wallpapering. Thanks for stopping by!