Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

(Will's room--the before picture. Pictures of Will's now insanely but beautifully orange room to come.)

I'm sick. Will's sick. Jack is sick. My husband is sick, but he won't admit it, because he never admits that he's sick. I think that I've mentioned before that a couple of years ago he ended up in the hospital because of his stubborn refusal to admit that from time to time he doesn't feel so hot.

So no one went to the mountains. And I had to watch the Super Bowl. The good news: My husband painted Will's room, which means that I didn't have to. I was ready to do it--not only had I bought the paint and brushes and drop cloths, I'd also purchased plastic coveralls, plastic gloves and plastic shoe covers. I really am too messy to be allowed near paint (I told this to my friend Louise, who actually said, "Really? You don't seem like the messy type to me"--and this while she was riding in my car! Look around you, woman! Lovely person, that Louise, but her powers of observation are not too keen).

But with the family grounded at home, my husband offered to help paint Will's room. We started out together, him sanding and scraping and spackling, me standing around in my plastic white coveralls looking like an Oompa Loompa. But after a bit I started feeling whoozy (at first I thought it was the fumes from my plastic white coveralls, but it turned out to be the bug Jack's been carrying around since Wednesday) and retired to my bed, much to my husband's relief. He is a kind man, but you could tell it was killing him to have me anywhere near a paint can. Really, I'm a disgrace.

So Will's room is painted a robust orange, and I will post a picture when we get the furniture moved back in. Orange is what Will wanted, and it's beautiful, but potentially it will make us all insane. It's very bright. Very bright. Insanely bright. But quite cheerful, so there you have it.

Okay, feeling a bit whoozy again. Must lie down. Have a lovely day!


Susan said...

Three cheers for husbands who fill in the spots where we are less able! At least now, you have a wonderful Oompa Loompa Halloween costume with not a single orange paint splatter. If you're brave, perhaps, you could don your white painter's uniform and a pair of killer shoes just to throw off the moms at Our Fine School. It's good to keep those ladies guessing. It might even be just the outfit to wear to parent-teacher conferences. The fashion possiblities seem endless.

Hope you and your family feel better soon!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Susan, the picture of me in my coveralls and high heeled shoes walking through the kindergarten hallways is cracking me up. Throw in a scarf, and I believe my spring wardrobe is complete. Thanks!

Tracy said...

Orange huh. Just as well bedrooms can be toned down with curtains and bed linen!!!

Sorry to hear you're all doing poorly. Make sure you all get lots of rest.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Tracy--ayup, orange. Believe me, I'm already gearing up to make some seriously cool (as in blue, as in cooling) curtains. But still and all, it looks pretty cool. Insane, but cool.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry to hear you are poorly...make sure you rest lots. What a lovely hubby to do all the painting...can't wait to see the lovely orangey-glowy-sunniness of it all! :)

Victoria said...

I hope you are feeling better now. I'm not sure if it's better when everyone gets sick at the same time or when it's staggered out. Probably all at the same time if you can not go crazy. LOVE the sound of an orange room, and will love seeing the picks. My boys would love me to paint there room orange. or, more likely, get someone else to paint their room orange. You're a very nice mum!