Friday, October 30, 2015

My Halloween Baby

Tomorrow Will turns 13. Earlier today the Man and I recollected the night that Will was born. Around midnight of October 31st, 2002, I thought my dinner was disagreeing with me. Then it struck me I might be going into labor. The Man called the hospital, but the hospital was not impressed with my contractions. And then suddenly my contractions were coming faster and faster. We hopped into the car (okay, I don't think I was hopping mood at that point; I think the Man half-carried me to the car) and sped off to the hospital. I was fairly sure I was going to give birth in the backseat of our Honda Accord, but amazingly I didn't. Made it into a wheelchair, into the delivery room, and a few minutes later, Will was born. I believe I was still begging for an epidural at the time.

When Will was born he looked like a prizefighter. Who'd lost. Jack had been a beautiful baby and was a beautiful toddler and we felt so bad for Will, the ugly duckling. But around the time he turned six-months old, he blossomed into a pretty baby. He's still  cute.

He's getting old, though. Tonight he's at the school dance. Last year the sixth graders could go to the spring dance, but Will wanted no part of it. This year, there was no question that he'd go. I dropped him off at a friend's house around 5:00 so they could all get ready together.

He called from the dance just a few minutes ago, wanting to know if he could the spend the night at his friend's house. Now, we're pretty good with the last minute sleepover requests, but usually Will's asking to stay with one of his friends we know well and whose family we know. This friend we don't know. I'm friendly with his mom and like her a lot, but we're not close. And the friend has an older brother I don't know at all. On top of that,  I don't know this family's policies on Internet usage, whether or not they have HBO (and let their kids watch it), if they allow phones upstairs (we don't), etc., etc. So my answer was no.

He seemed okay with the decision. I remember asking my parents if I could sleep over at somebody's house and halfway hoping they'd say no. Maybe Will felt the same way about this sleepover. Who knows?

So happy birthday, Will; sorry you'll be waking up on your birthday in your boring old room with your boring old dog (Travis!) scratching at the door. Me, I'm glad you'll be home with us. You'll spend plenty of birthdays out on the town; we've only got you for a little while longer.


Nancy McCarroll said...

If your gut feeling, prodded by Spirit, nudged you into a decision to have Will not attend, you made the right decision. I'm sure of it, and Will was a wise young man to be compliant. You probably saved him future grief that you may never know. Meaning that he is staying on his life course, not veering off into an unknown path through influences of misdirection.

He is a handsome boy. And he looks content. Good for you parents, and may he be blessed on his birthday.

Kit said...

Good call Mom! I love that you care and keep him safe. I once let my 5 year old go to a birthday party and all seemed okay until she came home and told me they watched the movie, Poltergeist! I was livid and called the family and let them have it. My kid never went to that house again. Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday! Enjoy your memories. :) Kit

Pom Pom said...

Sleepovers are WAY over-rated, aren't they? Happy birthday to Will. I hope he has lots of fun! Your boys are getting so old and big! Ack!

Tracy said...

Happy 13th birthday Will. It hardly seems that real, that he would be a teen. Isn't he just that cute little kid I have considered Mr Busy's twin all these years? He is such a good young man!

I am with you - I would have said no to the sleepover too. I just l so strongly believe that it is my job to protect my children from potential harm and that not knowing? That is a huge trigger point for a 'no' in our house. Too many people have stories to tell about being abused by people they know. That is not what I want for my kids.

Again, happy birthday Will. I hope you blast through the teen years with all the humour and amazing qualities you breezed through childhood with.

Gumbo Lily said...

Happy Birth-day to you too, Mom!