Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Dears

 I am still here. But where have I been?

Mostly working on projects that have made me very happy. Good work. But consuming.

Let me update you. We're having a lovely Christmas. Some Christmases aren't lovely. Some Christmases I never get the spirit, or get it but lose it quickly. This Christmas was the same as others in ways. I felt like it was too much work. I hate presents (except that I love presents). We do too much, spend too much.

But an hour after we'd opened our presents Christmas morning, my whole family was sitting in the living room, the tree twinkling before us, drinking Christmas punch and reading our new books, and it was so peaceful and lovely I wanted to bottle it.

The boys are good. Jack left this morning for the mountains. His friend Charlie invited him and several other classmates up to his family's cabin in western North Carolina for several days. Originally the plan was to ski, but it's so warm there's not even fake snow on the slopes. But this is a crew of kids who love to game, and so I suspect they will spend a lot of their time playing Risk and D&D and enjoying their first foray into what feels like freedom.

This is Jack at the Man's family Christmas party we went to last weekend. He is one tall drink of water, that's for sure.

Will has been sleeping in until 1 or 2 p.m.! He's suddenly taller than me, which I have mixed feelings about. Thank goodness for Travis, or I'd be the shortest one in the room.

Travis and I have taken a lot of walks the last two days. My jeans are feeling tight. Tonight we had turkey soup for dinner. Time to start walking away from all the pies and Chex mix, I'm afraid. I can gain three pounds just looking at sugar, and I believe I have. Sigh. Tomorrow is another day, am I right?

I hope you're having a lovely holiday. Did you get any good books for Christmas?

ETA: My Christmas books include The Lake House by Kate Morton, Dispatches from Pluto by Richard Grant, Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer, Fairy Tale Girl by Susan Branch, The Givenness of Things by Marilyn Robinson and The Shepherd's Life by James Rebanks.


Tracy said...

Oh it's so good to hear from you again dear Frances. I had wondered what had been occupying your time. I knew it must be good to keep you away.

We had a lovely quiet Christmas day. In fact it was mostly quiet in the lead-up as well. We spent a day or two getting our shopping done and then we just hibernated away from the crowds of people. My parents arrived in the afternoon of Christmas day, and then one of my brothers and his family in time for dinner. I felt like I did little more than kitchen pottering for our meal of meat and salads.

I got "Simply Nigella" for Christmas. That's the only book. I've been burrowing my way through some books I've had stashed away for when I had nothing to read. And now I have about 3 or 4 week of summer holiday time before I head back to work. Lots of reading time. And maybe a little bit of preparation for work.

It's so good to see you about 😄

Jo said...

I am super happy about being taller than the dog as well:)

I bought myself Catch 22 for Christmas. I hadn't read until I got it a couple of months ago from the library. It is the most gloriously insane book I have ever read, and I just had to own it.

What was your Christmas book?

gretchenjoanna said...

I'm glad to hear from you, Frances! Your question about books made me realize that I left that information out of my blog post just now - I wanted to share that my daughter gave me All the Light We Cannot See, which I have wanted to read. Maybe I will start it this week when it's just the weather for sitting by the fire with a book. But first I'll have to read about your books...

Merry Christmas! Happy Epiphany!

Nancy McCarroll said...

So glad to hear about your Christmas, your growing young men and the new books you have. I have listened to several of Morton's books, always a pleasure, so must check on the new one you received.

ChexMix, you naughty girl. I cannot ge near it or smell it because I will fall into it face first.

Merry Christmastide!

Pom Pom said...

Hello wonderful Frances! Our daughter in law is coming on Saturday and we shall set up the ball winder and wind away! I'll take photos!
I have so many delicious books. I so need a cat and a fire to go with them.
We are reading Uncle Tom's Cabin for book club. It's so powerful.
Your boys are growing so fast! How can this be?

Gumbo Lily said...

There you are, Miss Frances! I knew you must be about doing lots of good things. The books sound good. It's time for some sittin' and readin'. Happy New Year! (Is that the pie-making boy grown into a young man?)

The dB family said...

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you! It does sound like a good Christmas to me. I'm glad you enjoyed! No new books here at all this year. :o( Oh well, I have plenty untouched ones on the shelf that I have to get into yet.