Monday, October 5, 2015

I'm not looking forward to Friday ...

I am 51 years old. For the last year I've put off the procedure doctors encourage you to undergo when you enter your 5th decade . Do you know which one I mean? Starts with "colon" ends with "oscopy"? Ideally I should have gotten one the minute I turned 50, but for some reason I kept putting it off ... who knows why?

Oh,  I think we all know why. But Friday, I bite the bullet and get 'er done. I've been dreading it since I made the appointment. No, I've been dreading it since I was 45 and know the dreaded c-oscopy was a mere five years away.

I would like to write about something other than having this procedure, but it's on my mind. I've been snacking all day, storing up fuel for Thursday, the day of the big fast. The day of chicken broth and lemon jell-o. I imagine some people lose weight in the days preceding their colonoscopy; I suspect I'll gain five pounds.


We had such a strange weekend. Will was out of the house almost the entire time. On Friday afternoon, he went to a friend's house, and then on Saturday morning he went to another friend's birthday party and ended up spending the night. Sunday afternoon he went to the movies some other friends.

I'm glad Will has lots of friends, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give him up yet. I've had a couple of dreams recently where he's a baby again, and I think I know why.

The other strange thing that happened this weekend is that the Man and I went to a party where we knew virtually no one and had a great time. I've recently gotten to be friends with a woman in my neighborhood who also goes to our church. She turned 50 last week and had a humongous birthday party on Saturday night. Our plan was to go in, give her a bottle of wine, wait around for 15 minutes and then go get a pizza. We were there for over three hours. My socializing strategy for meeting people was to go up to individuals or couples standing by themselves and say, "Hi, I'm Frances, this is my husband, and we don't know anybody here."

We met a lot of people that way. We made new best friends for life. We also saw some other folks from church, and my dog-walking neighbor Mel, who was wearing long pants. I never see Mel in long pants--he runs marathons and is always dressed for a run when I see him. We ran into Will's youth group leader and learned the origins of her admittedly odd first name.

So, yes, the two introverts enjoyed themselves. We were glad we went. We were glad to go home when it was over. For a few hours, I forgot about my colonoscopy. Life was good. It will be good again.


Jo said...

I had one of those procedures-that-shall-not-be-named, in the attempt to find out why I was so anaemic. I stressed about it terribly, fasted, drinking only green tea for a day, took the vile empty-you-out medication, and then.. well, it was fine. Non-event. Really, all will be well:)

Nancy McCarroll said...


It really wom't be all that yucky. After an hour or so.

Heather F said...

My son is suddenly super busy these days with his friends also. I know how you feel. I'm missing the closeness we had when he was younger. I miss the daily snuggling. I'm not ready for BOTH of my kids to be all grown up. My identity as a present, nurturing mother is feeling the strain. I know that this is the end goal, though. Their independence. Sigh.

Good luck with your procedure. These invasive medical tests leave absolutely no room for modesty, do they?

Gumbo Lily said...

I like how you and The Man make friends. It's perfect, really.

Pom Pom said...

You're so funny! I'm glad you had fun at the party.
I met with a writer friend today. She wanted me to read her next juvenile novel and I told her all about you and told her to read all your books! It was fun to spur her on.
The procedure isn't all bad. It's the cleanse that really is NOT fun. The day of the actual colonoscopy is painless and you feel all dreamy and happy when you're done. Good for you. Fret not.

Leslie said...

Oh no, I did not know about the big colon thing coinciding with the turning of 50. That will be me next year. I guess I will go ahead and add that to the list of Dreadful Things I Procrastinate About. Sigh. I am glad you had a good time at the party and also that you FINALLY saw your neighbor in pants. hahaha Blessings on you especially this Friday. -Leslie

Tracy said...

I didn't know turning 50 came with things that you had to add to the "grease and oil change" regime, as my doctor calls it. Really, do we not get poked and prodded internally enough already? Ugh. I have six years before I have to think about that. Denial anyone.

I like your party strategy. A lot. Next time I find myself in a situation like that I'm going to try it out.

Two of my kids are away on a youth camp next weekend: one as a leader, one as the tech guy. Because everyone needs a tech guy. I asked Miss Mischief why she couldn't go as well, and why she needed to stay home and study for her final exams anyway? I am swinging between loving having my kids around and looking forward to the season when they move out. I really do struggle when I now have two of them up and in my face being silly and noisy and talking all the time when I'm trying to watch a favourite show UNTIL THE MINUTE I GO TO BED. What happened to 7pm bed time and then sensible and peace and silence? My two adult children sometimes have to come and kiss me goodnight in bed. Actually, I had turned off my light last night and Miss Mischief came in still asking me questions. I can't keep up. I wonder if it will be easier being on camp with 24 11yo's? They have a bed time.

But then I look at the 6ft 2in Mr Busy with the prickly face and wonder what on earth happened to the soft, tender-faced baby that used to snuggle with me.

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