Monday, September 21, 2015

The quilt on Friday:

The quilt on Monday:
Doesn't even look like the same quilt, does it?

The last time we spoke, I was tired. Then I rested. Then I started coming down with a cold. The good news is it's not a bad cold. In fact, I'm functioning quite nicely. I wrote this morning and went to Will's soccer game this afternoon. I suspect what I wrote is gibberish, and I accidentally kept cussing every time they scored on us at Will's game, but I count being upright and mobile as a victory when I'm sniffly and my ears itch.

Have I mentioned that Will is playing soccer? It's his first year, and he's playing for Our Fine School's 7th grade team. He's the goalie. Most of his friends play, and for the last two years Will has played a lot of recess soccer. He's never been on an actual team before, and he's having a great time. His teammates voted him co-captain along with his friend Ashaank, and although the team is 0-3, they're not bad and getting better.

I will say I wish Will would go out for more unobtrusive positions, like ball boy or an inconsequential defensive linesman. In baseball, he often pitches, and there's nothing harder on a mother than a kid who pitches. Next hardest, though, has got to be a kid who plays goalie. While Will is a good boy for the most part, I fear he's a touch inconsiderate when it comes to my stress levels and overall mental health.

A bunch of Jack's friends came over last night to play Dungeons and Dragons. The Man grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and Jack made pie. I opened up the bags of potato chips. I had a cold.

Here's the great thing about your teenager having friends over for a gaming party. You get the fun of having a party--getting ready, planning the menu, cleaning up (which isn't fun in and of itself, but it's fun the next day, when you have a clean house), and then welcoming people in and hearing happy chatter all around you--but you don't actually have to make small talk with anyone or worry if people are having a good time. They're a bunch of teenagers with unlimited chips, cokes and brownie pie playing games with their fellow teenager friends. Of course they're having a good time.

I suppose I'll go to bed now. I will leave you with a link to a very funny piece on introverts. All my introvert friends love it. Which are you--introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in between?


Tracy said...

I am an introvert. The more hours I work the more my introversion comes out for others to notice. I start saying things like "I need you people to go away", or "I need a whole weekend somewhere by myself", or "OH NOOOO. I just realised I won't get ANY days by myself when school ends". This was the most traumatic realisation - that the girls will both have finished school before me and they will be in my house All. The. Time. For weeks and weeks.j

My idea of a good holiday is a big stack of books and no one interrupting me for hours and hours. Amen.

Pom Pom said...

The introvert info is interesting.
Your quilt looks GREAT!
You are so friendly that I bet your boys and their friends really like being at your house!
More Instagram pics! Take your phone for a walk with Travis!

gretchenjoanna said...

I am an introvert. I think a lot of bloggers are...but it's funny how chatty we are in writing...because we can be alone and be friendly at the same time! Blogland is perfect for us.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Used to be an extrovert..for 50 years. Now I am an introvert after retirement. Go figure. God has a plan.