Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Report

These are blocks from a quilt I'm working on. It's a fairly traditional 
quilt, but I love how at this stage it looks kind of funky and modern.

My dears, I am tired.

I am so tired that what I first wrote was I am tried.

It's sort of the same thing, isn't it?

Last night was Parents' Night at Our Fine Upper School. We went to all of Jack's classes, which made me and the Man both mournful over our substandard high school experiences. Also, it made us even more aware of the fact that Jack is a million times smarter than either of us (but not even half as wise, and wisdom is the important thing, isn't it?).

Sometimes I'm very good socially. I get in a groove and am witty. I find my audience. But last night I wasn't on my game. That happens a lot. I did my best to just shut up. When I was in a classroom full of the Upper School's Mover & Shaker moms who always make me feel insecure, I repeated my favorite mantra, Be not afraid, be not afraid. Because insecurity, like stress, is just fear. I kept my thoughts and questions to myself. Let's just get through this, I thought.

But after Jack's AP Calculus teacher (and yes, I have a child taking AP Calculus, and yes, I don't even know what Calculus is) made the year ahead sound like the Bataan Death March and then asked for questions, I could not stop myself from raising my hand and asking, "Is there any pleasure to be had in Calculus? Because you make it sound sort of depressing."

(Interestingly, Jack's teacher's eyes lit up at this question and he answered it with a resounding "Yes! There is!" so while everyone else sitting there probably thought I was an idiot, Mr. J seemed happy to have an opportunity to explain why Calculus is beautiful.)

So anyway, it's Friday night, and today I wrote and had lunch with the Man and went to the grocery store and cleaned out my freezer and thought, "I need to get ready for the holidays." Cleaning out the freezer reminded me that I always think I'm going to clean out my freezer and lazy susan and pantry before Christmas, but I never do. I have such plans for order and beauty, but they never happen, at least not all at once, and never two weeks before Christmas. Maybe if I'd taken Calculus?


Gumbo Lily said...

I DO like the funky-ness of this quilt. Kinda modern, even tho traditional.

Sorry you are so tired. I hate that. But now's the weekend and perhaps you can "sleep in" if you do that sort of thing. I don't know what calculus is either and it doesn't really interest me at all, but I'm glad somebody likes it.

(to answer your question....I'm using squares cut from an old, thin sheet for my string blocks)

Pom Pom said...

You and the man are good parents. It's not all that fun to go through the halls, the classrooms, and listen to the parents if they decide to talk.
I was just talking to a childhood classmate yesterday and I asked her how HER high school experience was because I didn't see her that much (she was taking all those mind-boggling math and science courses that I avoided) and she said she simply tried to survive. I think our high school was very inferior but oh well. We always have libraries.
Your quilt is lovely and you WILL accomplish order and beauty. I keep telling myself it doesn't have to be all or nothing.
My freezer has a lot of ice sparkles inside.

Jo said...

That is clearly the solution. Tired mamas need more calculus.. I can't believe that nobody has previously thought of this. From one tired mama to another xx

Nancy McCarroll said...

Keeping one' smooth shut is most always a good thing. It. Retain lay takes the stress away just to let others pontificate while you simple try to look interested. A "hmmmm" every now and then encourages the other to further spew on while you can think about using either winded or just soap and water to clean the lazy Susan.

And your question about Calculs was inspiring to the teacher. See, you ARE brilliant.

magsmcc said...

I think you are too too tried for calculus and freezers and pantries and lazy susans (lazy susans?) Sounds to me like you need to lie back on the sofa with Christmas magazines and then close your eyes and sleep!

Tracy said...

I hope you find your energy before the end-of-year seasonal madness begins (wait, why are we talking Christmas already??!!!). I had it when I feel exhausted, and like a week of sleeping would not be cure enough. If it makes you feel any better I am epically failing at cleaning the house or cooking meals. Epically. The kids are cooking. I need to outsource the cleaning. None of us win at that.

We recently went to Mr Busy's VCE information night. Since he's only in Year 9 and VCE starts in Year 11 he's a little way off, but he will do one subject next year. Oh the misery and boredom, three children in, of explanations of VCE, VET, VCAA, ATARs, aggregate scores and scaling. We now have a child who will do a subject off-campus and I will pretty much have nothing to do with it if I stay where I am for next year. They gave us a nice supper to reward us for twisting our brains after-hours.

I never get tired of seeing your quilts. I hope you never get too tired to make them. Or show them to us.

Kit said...

You had me laughing at, I am tried! I had to pause the Green Bay game to read your question that you asked the Calculus teacher, to my husband. We had a great chuckle. Hope your son has a great year. :) Kit

franberry said...

Girl, I took Calculus. And my plans for order and beauty never happen either. Blame it on the stars?
We need to have coffee and catch up sometime when you are not feeling tired. <3