Thursday, April 24, 2014

A List

What could it be? Why, fabric of course!

1. My house needs a good, deep and thorough cleaning.

2. I wish I had enough money to pay someone to give my house a good, deep and thorough cleaning.

3. I would be so happy if my house were clean.

4. Why won't my children clean my house for me?

5. Last night I worked in my garden until dark. I love working in my garden. But it has taken me three weeks of fairly good weather to get motivated to work in my garden.

6. I have been very lazy lately.

7. I am of the opinion that a bowl of cereal makes an excellent supper.

8. I wish other people in my family liked a good tofu-broccoli-barley stir-fried curry. Or anything with feta cheese mixed in. Tabouli. I'm pretty sure I could live on Mideastern, Mediterranean and Indian food.

9. Unfortunately, everyone else my family would starve if we ate only what I wanted to eat.

10. Time to make another meatloaf.

11. Do you ever get tired of doing the grocery shopping? I shop every Friday afternoon, and every Friday afternoon, I think, 'Really? I have to do this again?'

12. Time to do an online grocery order! Let the grocery do the shopping for me!

13. If you want to read a really good history book about, say, the Civil Rights Movement or Thomas Jefferson, may I recommend you look for your book in the children's section of your library? You get all the interesting stuff without having to wade through whose grandmother was born on what day.

14. I have yet to step into Target in the year 2014.

15. I'm embarrassed by how much this has lessened my monthly spending as compared to 2013.

16. I could write this list forever, but I need to go not clean my house.

17. Hope all is well with you! What's on your list?


Jo said...

Dear Frances, what do you say we run away together and eat cereal and the occasional vegetable grilled outside on the BBQ? We will only bring books, an armchair apiece, and maybe a cat and a nice dog. There will be no meatloaf, and some helpful person will deliver vegies and cereal at regular intervals. There will be a cleaning fairy.

Mmmm, housewife escapist fantasies anyone?

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm in full agreement about reading books about the Civil Rights Movement and such. Get a children's book. I can comprehend them so much better than the 450 pagers.

I wish someone would come deep clean my house too.

Hooray for gardening! Skip the housework for the outdoors!

No Target in 2014? You ROCK!!

Leslie aka the wayside wanderer said...

Whoa. I don't even know what to say about the Target thing. I have very mixed feeling about this which must mean I have a Target addiction. But really, you have FORTITUDE and in my book that is a huge compliment.

I've been meaning to clean my floors for about a week now. I did bathrooms first thing this morning and feel so accomplished. You know it is time when you can't see through the glass shower door. :D

Tracy said...

On my list for today:

1. Study
2. Sew (in the interest of balance, you understand)
3. Get bracelet repaired (includes visitng MIL, where I bought said bracelet - this is good)
4. Grocery shop....can we just stop eating so I can stop buying food all the time?
5. Assign housework tasks to children (I am winning - will blog about it this week)
6. Cook dinner...again. Can we just stop eating so I can stop having to come up with grand ideas for meals all the time?

Conclusion #1: eating is overrated.
Conclusion #2: children were created to be my helper. Otherwise I'll need to get me a wife and that's gonna be all kinds of not-going-to-work.

I would put my hand up to live with you too, Frances. We would enjoy those meals immensely despite our little food-heathens.

GretchenJoanna said...

For a few months I have been thinking a lot about how many women have someone else clean their house, or at least pay someone to help occasionally. I never once have done this, and it could be argued that now I certainly have time to do it myself anyway. It's just that I would like it to be cleaner than it can ever be with the outlay of time I'm willing to make. But am I willing to make an outlay of money instead? Not really.
I am working on spending less time cooking, at least. It took my husband 40+ years to get to a place where he could say, a few weeks ago when I was fretting about this, "It's only food." I was shocked! But now I am trying to make that my kitchen motto, or my motto to get me out of the kitchen.

franberry said...

Looking at the top 10 on your list, all but 5 and 10 are me to a tee right now. Must be that Gemini twin thing. I stopped there because I'm supposed to be working and had to choose between reading more or writing a comment. I'm simultaneously lazy and crazy busy. I've reached the point where I'd actually hire a cleaner, except my house is far too messy and cluttered for them to get to any cleanable surfaces. Sigh. Miss you. :-)