Saturday, May 3, 2014

Today's List

1. Baseball season has started. My life belongs to Little League.

2. It is 3:35 on a Saturday afternoon. I have spent all day working in the garden and in the garage.

3. I turn 50 at the end of the month.

4. It is possible I'm too old to spend all day working in the garden and the garage.

5. I am very tired.

6. I mean deeply, down to the marrow of my bones tired.

7. Once again I ask: Where are my children?

8. Will and I found an old horseshoe set in the garage. With real horseshoes.

9. I am pretty dang good at horseshoes, in case you were wondering.

10. Every year I repeat the profound truth that Danielle pronounced several years ago: May is the new December.

11. Have you noticed that a lot of people have been putting pink or blue or magenta streaks in their hair? I mean, everyone--little kids, teenagers, grandmothers.

12. I have been putting tiny little gray streaks into my hair. It's very chic.

13. We have tomatoes on some of our tomato plants. You know what that means.

14. Tomato sandwiches!

15. In July.

16. I plan on sitting around a lot in July.

17. July is the new July.

18. It's also the old July.

19. Now I'm just being silly.

20. Enjoy your weekend!


the wayside wanderer said...

You got me with putting gray streaks into your hair. That is funny. May the fruit (and vegetables) of your labor be bountiful!

Tracy said...

I like the idea of coloured streaks better than the current popular trend of getting a tattoo....or a few. Streaks can be as fun as you like for as long as you like. And then they dan be grown out or coloured over., unlike a tattoo.

I am working on the grey streaks too. Sigh. Sometimes I wonder if I should do something about that, and then I think I will be enslaved to the practice forever. I don't like that idea much.

Pom Pom said...

Don't ever give one bit of credence to those who fear gray/grey hair. I've had the dye-ers who cover an entire long head of hair hat-brown say, "Oh, I'm just not READY to go gray/grey!" What does that even mean? Why would you say it to someone like me who got her first gray/grey (I know that slash is getting tiresome) at 17?
Jody is a believer, too.
To the tiredness. Yes, but it'll go away and at 55 I promise, you'll feel spry and inspired. It's the meno that makes one bone-tired. This too shall pass.
Oh, yay for tomato sandwiches, Harriet!

franberry said...

#11 is going to be me soon. Purple, though not quite streaks. :-)

Gumbo Lily said...

Love the comment: May is the new December. But July is the new/old July. Tomato sandwiches in July ---- LUCKY!

Gray too. They're staying. It's me.

Drink some alfalfa tea with me and get some energy. Us and the Arabian horses.


GretchenJoanna said...

Sleep. There is no substitute. Sometimes you need a lot, as when in the throes of menopause, or pre-meno. It's hard to get enough sleep when you have to get up early to get kids off, etc., and if you stay up late the way I tend to do. There is something about the night hours that gives me a second wind; I think it might be relief that I got through the day pretty much. But if I force myself to go to bed early -- and I mean 9 o'clock! -- I can catch up. Try sleeping, Frances Dear.