Wednesday, April 9, 2014

(A Very Late)(and Very Short) Pause in Lent #5

I have been traveling, traveling, traveling. Last week I was smack dab in the middle of Missouri. Yesterday I was in the eastern part of North Carolina. Today I am on my couch, where I plan to stay.

In my travels, I have been talking to children about stories and writing. I talk about how we humans seem to need our daily dose of storytelling or else we get a little cranky. We are creatures hungry for meaning.

And I sign a lot of books. When I sign books, I ask kids to tell me something about themselves--one thing they like to do, or an interesting fact about them. When I hand their book back to them, I say, "Thank you. It's wonderful to meet you."

If I am a Christian, I am the least of all. I do what I should not do, and do not do what I should. But one thing I can do, and sometimes remember to do, is love the ones who are put in my path. And fortunately for me, many of these are children, whom I find easy to love. Even the ones who are smart-alecky or half asleep when they sit in the audience stand before me vulnerable and shy and sweet, asking so politely if I'll sign their book (or a piece of paper or their hand).

It is my hope and my dream that for some of these children it matters that the visiting author talked to them and listened to them and said, "Oh, I like your name!" or "My sons play World of Warcraft and Minecraft, too!" It's not much, but it's what I can do. What I hope they hear: You are loved. Your story is important.

I do it because it has been done unto me.


GretchenJoanna said...

Well, you know, the Lord did say, "Forasmuch as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto Me." It may be easy to love the children, but you do have to work hard to do all that traveling that takes you to them. God bless you, Dear.

Tracy said...

Frances you are so in my lane! Stories and kids - that's where it's at. There is nothing quite like looking a young person in the eye and knowing that you made a difference in their day. And know I'm all about stories!

I hope that couch of yours is the best company ever as you resettle yourself into home. I always think how wonderful the peace and quiet of a motel room would be. But there's nothing quite like home and the people who love you...and who you love back. Even when they're grumping at you!

Thanks, on behalf of the smallest people in our world, for sharing some of yourself and what you know. What an awesome gift to share.

Angela said...

Absolutely - you have been blessed, so you pass on the blessings to others.

How I should love to be in the audience and hear you speak [and I would remember to bring something for you to write on - NOT my hand!!]

blessings xx

PS do a UK speaking tour sometime, please!

Gumbo Lily said...

What little gifts of blessing you are giving to those children. Your Jesus-heart shines through your books and through your deeds and words. God bless you, friend.

Pom Pom said...

You're so true, dear Frances. Kids see it and respond to it. Yay for the lovers!

Nancy McCarroll said...

What you say to a child WILL be an important part of their lives, especially the true readers you meet who may never know it was YOU who influence them in their reading lives. Not just the words you say, but your presence will leave them with love. (Referencing your last post of just being there to show God's presence as they grow...)

wayside wanderer said...

As a child who was an avid reader and also very shy I can tell you YES that makes a difference. Who am I kidding. I stood before Elisabeth Elliot as a grown woman and felt about 7 years old asking her to sign my book. Bless you.

Kezzie said...

This is so true and yes, you make an impact, they WILL remember you saying that I am sure. It's not quite the same but I went to a Doctor WHo convention when I was 16 and as Sophie Aldred (who played Ace) signed the photo of her I'd asked her to sign, she said to me, "I LOVE your nailvarnish- what an amazing shade!" and because she took the time to say something to me, different, I will always remember it-unlike some of the others who I can't remember what they did say.