Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Report

So we thought Jack had killed his laptop. He spilled water on it Tuesday night--only a tiny bit, he insisted--and the screen scrambled, and it seemed like the gig was up.

Jack was upset. Very upset. Like he'd just had his heart broken for the first time. Like his house had burned down. His life as he knew it was over.

I myself had mixed feelings.

On the one hand, like most mothers, I can't bear for my children to suffer. Their heartbreaks are my heartbreaks. Their tears are my tears.

On the other hand, I really hate that laptop.

Jack's laptop has turned me into the computer police, and I'm so tired of it. A year ago, when Jack used my computer or the Man's, we had strict computer rules. Did they get broken? All the time, but we still had a modicum of control.

But when you give a boy a laptop, it's harder to stay on top of the situation. You make rules, and the rules get stretched. And stretched some more. Just a little bit at a time, until they get stretched out of shape and you can't quite remember what the rules were in the first place.

So last night, after Jack's laptop had had forty-eight hours to dry out, and Jack and the Man were ready to reboot, I didn't know how to feel. For Jack's sake, I wanted the computer to come back to life. But part of me wished it dead, dead, forever dead.

Well, it's alive. Jack scurried up the stairs with it, happy as a little clam. And I'm happy for him. But I'm back where I started, weary and tired, wishing computers had never been invented. Or that at least we'd never gotten Jack his own laptop. Pandora's Box--now how do we get the snakes back inside?


In other Jack news, he's going to his first dance tonight. One of my prayers for Jack this year has been that he would find a group of friends at school, and he has. The kids in his advisory are a great group, and when I go to pick Jack up in the afternoon, he's always hanging out with a bunch of them, talking and joking around. This is the boy that last year at pick-up was always sitting on the low wall outside the school, nose in a book, never making eye contact with anyone. Now he's out there cracking jokes and being velly, velly witty.

So one of the girls in his advisory decided they should all go the the school dance together, and Teresa, their advisor (and Jack's French teacher, bless her heart) offered to take them to Outback Steakhouse for dinner beforehand. So it's a date! A big night for all. And a great social step forward for Jack. He claims he's only going to stay at the dance for a little while, but who knows? Maybe he'll find a glass slipper in the stairwell. Maybe he'll turn out to be someone's Prince Charming.


Weekend plans: writing, gardening, biking, quilting, cleaning. Maybe cleaning. Probably not cleaning. How about you?


Angela said...

ought to be cleaning -but won't be
saturday -trip to scout rummage sale
sunday - preach two sermons
catching up with all the Dead Danes on "The Killing"

oh an dreading fascinating blogs like yours

and thinking about how I felt when my teenage kids went out to things for the first time.

weekend blessings x

wayside wanderer said...

I understand the feelings about the computer. And it can apply to phones, too.

A group date to a dance sounds wonderful. I hope he has a great time. What a great teacher to invest in the kids like that. Bless her heart!

Tracy said...

It's nice to hear stories about Jack smiling, joking and laughing. I hope he surprises himself at the dance and has an absolute blast.

cleaning...maybe...probably not. Yup that about sums it up here too. I was chatting with a friend at church on Thursday morning, who said she has a cleaner. Two hours once a fortnight for floors and bathrooms. Now doesn't that sound like a fairy godmotherish kind of thing to happen?!

Pom Pom said...

Jack is so interesting. I hope the group date is fun! The Man must be a smart computer saver!
I didn't police the computer much and now think maybe I should have. I'm glad no one polices me!
I am going to garden, too.