Monday, February 13, 2012

A Visit from the Willows Boys

A few weeks ago, I received in a package--or, really, a tour bus--in the mail. When I opened it, three young scamps popped out, none other than Mole, Toad and Rat, AKA the Wind in the Willows gang. If you keep up with Pom Pom, you know she sent these rascals on a journey last fall, and now here they are.

At first, I set them up in the guest house ...

... where they spent a great deal of their time watching TV with a duck. I kept telling them it was time for them to go, but they were far too caught up in the soap opera that is Downton Abbey Season 2.

"But Mags is waiting for you in Belfast," I told them. "She's starting to get impatient!"

Finally, tearing himself away from the trials of Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew, Mole looked at me and said, "Mags, you say? The one who never sent you bangers, even though you asked so nicely?"

"She said it was illegal to send them overseas," I explained. "Otherwise, I'm sure she would have."

"I bet she says it's illegal to send jars of cheese overseas, too," Mole said, sneering ever so slightly. When I nodded, he gave out a hoot. "Illegal to send a jar of cheese? What turnip truck did you fall off, my dear? Perfectly legal to send jarred cheese! I do it all the time!"

Curses! Foiled again! Oh, that little minsk, Mags! Pretending that customs agents won't allow her to send me a little of this:

Well, I had to get my hands on that cheese, and I came up with a diabolical scheme. I would hold the boys hostage until Mags sent me some.

This plan worked brilliantly--until bedtime, that is, when the Boys' full-throated singing kept the family up all night. Oh, you can lock the Willows Gang up, but you can't keep their spirits down.

And so I am forced to send them on their merry way. Mags, look for them next week, no doubt worse for the wear. I'm glad I had a chance to spend some time with them, and with their lovely story, The Wind in the Willows, which I'm so glad I gave a second chance.

Still waiting for the cheese, Mags ...


Pom Pom said...

Ha ha ha! I love it! Will we ever really know if potted cheese is an impossibility? I don't know who to believe now!
Well, the boys look jolly. I knew they'd love North Carolina!
You reminded me of Downton Abbey season 2. I watched the first episode and then forgot. Must catch up on PBS.
Thank you so much for hosting the boys! I'm so glad you loved the book.
You are so funny, Frances. This was so worth waiting for!
I can't wait to follow them around Europe!

Tracy said...

Those darned customs agents ... they spoil everybody's fun.

magsmcc said...

Oh all right. I confess. I typed first and googled second. Good on you, Willows Three. Come to mama!!

magsmcc said...

By the way, I have that same dolls' house in the attic. Well, if it's a Lundby/Lundy one , I do! It comes down every now and again for boys to paw over and me to wonder at!

M.K. said...

Ahhh! So sweet :) They're having such fun on their rambles. Now -- over the ocean!

Lisa Richards said...

I'm proud of the boys for their cheerful spirits while being incarcerated under your laundry basket! They will certainly remember this trip for the rest of their lives (which should be just about forever) with great affection!
Thanks, LHH, for another memorable journal of the escapades of The Three!

The dB family said...

Did you ever get your cheese? I know the boys are at Mags. The bangers I can understand, but potted cheese?!?