Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sawtooth Star quilt top

I continue to enjoy good health, you'll be happy to hear. Will, on the other hand, upon learning that the University of Carolina had been defeated by Duke in basketball, developed a stomachache and couldn't be convinced to go to school. Both universities are near our home, and people in this area tend to love one and hate the other. Will, like his dad, is a Carolina man. Jack could not care less.

I did finally get Will to school, an hour late. It's hard to know what to do with a stomachache, unless the child is actually throwing up, in which case you send him to school as fast as you can. But Will was not throwing up or doing anything else icky. He was crying, though, and tears are tough. I let him go back to bed for an hour, and then sent him on his way, where I'm sure he was razzed mercilessly by his Duke-loving friends and took it like a man.

I made some pillows; aren't they nice? You can find the pattern for the envelope pillow case here: Each case took approximately five minutes, from the cutting out to the sewing up.

When I took this picture I didn't realize my laundry basket was in the frame. It sort of spoils the House Beautiful effect of my fancy new pillows, doesn't it? But maybe it makes you feel at home. Do you mind when you go into somebody else's house and it's messy?

Pilates with Sarah tomorrow! If you never hear from me again, that's why.


Pom Pom said...

I love your new pillows!
I don't mind messy at all. It starts to drive me crazy if I can't find anything, though.
What are the Willow boys up to?

victoria said...

The quilt top is so lovely, beautiful shapes and colors. I enjoy going to another person's messy house but I don't like them seeing my house messy!

magsmcc said...

It's not a laundry basket; you don't fool me. It's a temporary holding centre for the Willows Three and I hope they're being treated kindly therein! You know my house is messy and you have to step over who knows what before you even spot the laundry basket... Five minutes? I would only have started the runimating process in five minutes!

Melissa E said...

My husband was pretty sick from the game too. Pillows are so pretty! I need to make some pillows to jazz up my den! Have fun at pilates, it is one of my favorite workouts!

Tracy said...

Your quilt and pillows are beautiful - of course. I feel Will's pain. Melbourne becomes like a giant demonstration of his agony if Collingwood win the AFL football grand final. They rub the whole city's nose in it and the rest of us endure their obnoxious behaviour. It's a whole culture I try to stay out of.

I often tell my friends that I don't come to visit their house. I come to visit them. If their house is a little messy I feel a lot better. My house is a little bit messy and rarely pristine. Life is about more than finicky housecleaning.

Danielle said...

Just been in love with all your fabrics, quilts, pillows!

Interesting question. Just visited our cookie mom's house. Gotta love that she volunteers and takes on that enormous job. Truth told, her house is messy (3 younger kids, get it), but very dirty. I'm talking about a decade of neglect to anything relating to housekeeping. That, I must say, made me reconsider Erin playing over there. So yes, I have a line. Mess/clutter is life. Filthy, dirty is gross.

It helped remind me why I make myself (eventually) do deep cleaning and why I need to keep up with teaching the kids how to do the basics.

wayside wanderer said...

Very pretty pillows. I hear tangerine was the color of the year. It is a happy color.

Hope you survived pilates!

debbie bailey said...

Keep keepin' it real! Five minutes from start to finish? I think you jest, my dear.