Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Start Over

Vines. I'm in love with vines! This year has been the best year
for vines on record.What is it about 2012 and vines? I just don't know.

Okay, I feel like I'm finally getting a foothold on 2012. January turned out to be kind of a wash. First there was this to do, and then there was that to do, and then Will got sick, and then I got sick, and last week, when I said I was better? It turned out I wasn't. I had a fever all week and had no energy at all.

But now, my dears, I am really and truly better. I have energy! I'm almost done with a new (small) quilt top, and I made two pillowcases that are just darling (pictures soon), and I've been to the gym twice this week.

I'm back, baby!

So, my friend Sarah has joined my gym, and now she's forcing me to go to classes with her (Just kidding, Sarah! I'm going of my own free will!). The thing is, Sarah is very young, and I am very old. When she hears that there's a class at the gym titled "Dance Fusion," she thinks, "Fun!" I think, "Oh, my poor knees!"

But she made me go, and you know what? It was fun! We did a lot of hip gyrating, that's for sure. Maybe next time I'll take a video and post it. I'm sure Sarah wouldn't mind. On Friday we're going to try Pilates, and maybe the cycling class afterwards. And then who knows what else Sarah will talk me into. Zumba, probably.

I would like to report that I have lost five pounds in 2012. I'm halfway to my 2012 goal, with almost eleven months left to go. I might actually pull this off ...

I think that's it for now. I'm feeling very sleepy after all that gyrating. Imagine!


magsmcc said...

I just knew you would be mentionning Zumba as soon as that dangerous old "gym" word appeared! Goodness, its power has stretched even to the frozen North- I managed to find out what it meant a little while ago! I'm glad you are engaging with this active programme of self-development. I shall follow vicariously, just as I am reduced vicariously to enjoying snow this winter!

Tracy said...

Oh I am so laughing - my knees would be complaining right along with yours. Something about the kneecaps not being in quite the right place and an old netball injury. Any pressure from exercise and I'm moaning for 3 days.

Well done with your weight loss. You are amazing.

Angela said...

Does the Pilates Trial involve much handwashing?

wayside wanderer said...

Congrats on the 5 pounds! And all the exercising with a young person. That is a challenge on so many levels, you brave soul. haha...