Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Report

The beginning of a new quilt

I've been trying to have a good think all year, but without much luck so far. It's been too busy, too much picking up and dropping off, too much cooking and cleaning and writing. Every day I tell myself this is the day I'm going to sit down with my journal and figure everything out. Where is my life right now? Where is it going? What do I hope for? What do I want to happen next? I'll be fifty in two years. What do I want fifty to look like?

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I don't make New Year's resolutions, and Deborah commented that she didn't either, though she did make goals. I like that idea. One thing I did get written down this week is a list of goals for 2012, which includes ...

1. Finishing the three sweaters in my knitting basket. One is only lacking a sleeve and a half (oh, but sleeves are so boring!), one is two-thirds done, and the last I just cast on two weeks ago. Two of the sweaters are for me, one is for Will. I feel quite the dilettante for not following through and finishing up. But I shall, I shall!

2. Establishing an herb garden. I fooled around with flowers last summer and enjoyed them, although my garden was pretty messy-looking by the end of August, probably because Will was my co-pilot and wanted to plant a lot of stuff that didn't necessary go together.

A lot of herbs have very pretty flowers, and even better, they smell great and they often make food taste great. Many of them are perennials, which is good for a lazy gardener like me. Useful and low-maintenance: that's my kind of plant.

3. Remodeling the master bath. We've got a new sink picked out. The Man has re-grouted the tub. Now all we need to do is call the electrician and the plumber and figure out what to do about the floor ...

4. Painting the master bedroom. No brainer. Just need to pick a color and put it on the calendar. I'm voting for periwinkle blue, my favorite color. The Man's not sure. He likes periwinkle blue, but what if it comes out purple? I can live with purple; the Man? Not so much.

5. Straightening up the attic once and for all. Yes, I can hear you laughing. But this is the year, ladies. This is the year.

6. Losing 10 pounds. I need to lose twenty, and any doctor worth his salt would tell you I really need to lose twenty-five. But ten sounds so manageable. I lost ten pounds last year (and didn't gain it back, thank you very much). Ten pounds a year is less than a pound a month. I should be able to pull that off. And who knows, maybe I'll lose ten more. But let's start small. Small is good.

Those are my goals, and modest and humble goals they are, other than the attic, which is pure fantasy. Ah, well, we should all reach for the stars every once in awhile.


Weekend plans: Will has a sleepover tonight, and a basketball game tomorrow. The house needs cleaning. Jack and Travis need grooming. I have lots of required reading--for my Bible study, for the middle school book club that I help out with, and for Pom Pom and Mags. The Wind and the Willow boys have arrived, and they're hoping I'll show them a good time this weekend. First, I must read their story. I've tried before. I tried as a child and I tried when Jack was five. Third time's the charm, so I'm told. More on that anon.

So, what are you doing this weekend? And those of you who lost weight in 2011--and I know at least two of you who did--what's your big secret? I'd love to know!


GretchenJoanna said...

Oh, I love the colors of your new quilt!
My daughter-in-law, when choosing a paint color, always tries out a sample patch or two on whatever wall she is wondering about, comparing two yellows, for example, and leaving a 3' square of the contenders up for a few weeks while she decides which she wants to live with. Maybe you could do something like that to avoid a purple bedroom....

Angela said...

The first 16lbs were lost by being Very Strict about the GI diet. And running. Lots.
The next few pounds have gone, and comeback, and gone and comeback since October. That was due to lots of 'social eating' and less running.
Aiming for another 16lbs this year - by being strict with myself, and also serving smaller portions.

The attic thing...why doesn't moving stuff and clearing attics cause weight loss?

Did I ever say Jennie Brand Millers GI Diet book is the Best I Have Read?

we CAN do it. Let's keep encouraging one another

Blessings x

Gumbo Lily said...

I love seeing your quilt beginnings and endings. I know how much time they take and much devotion too.

I'd like to lose 10 lbs too so I'll watch for any advice. Can one lose weight eating cookies at 3-ish every afternoon with coffee? Please say yes!


Gumbo Lily said...

P.S. One bloggy friend, Wayside Wanderer, lost 35 lbs. this past year on Weight Watchers.

Pom Pom said...

Oh, you'll love The Wind in the Willows. They are so wise, so fun loving, so homey.
A few friends and I have been Zumba-ing in my classroom, after school. Students try to peek!
I feel better, so I think it's very good!
Kelli and I are going to Weight Watchers and that's good, too.
We'll all be light as fairies by summertime! Woo hoo!

Tracy said...

My weekend has consisted of coming home from camping and attending a friend's father's funeral (we had 40 minutes to unhitch and shower!). Tomorrow church....perhaps catch up on the study I missed this week due to the fact that we camped without power, phone service, showers.....

I'd like to know how others have lost weight too. I have new digital scales that I really want to make friends with ;)

wayside wanderer said...

You CAN eat cookies and lose weight on WW. =) I don't run (afraid my girl parts will fall out) but I do walk so if you just walked more you could probably lose a pound a month. And I bet if you would write down what you ate everyday that would help, too. Just seeing it on paper is rather sobering.

I am home alone on this sunshinny saturday. My oldest and his daddy are off getting their concealed carry license. (Shocking, I know, but they are Texans so there is really no help for them.) My youngest two are off on a retreat all weekend and hopefully will come home changed for the better, and my daughter is...well, I'm not really sure where she is. I do know that she is only a text away.

So...what to do with myself? I'm not quite sure yet. I would like to go look for another POF (Piece of Furniture), this time for beside my chair. It needs to have shelves for all my books.

I like your goals and wish you much success!

debbie bailey said...

I can't plan my life while in the middle of it, which is why on Wednesday I'm leaving town to go to the beach for five glorious days ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!

I always laugh when I'm packing. My clothes take up a little room, and my books and projects weigh a ton and take up way more room than my clothes. I have my priorities in order!

I hope to figure lots of things out while I'm gone. I have only until May to homeschool, then I'm finished forever, I hope! I want to go out with a bang, so some of that time will be spent on lesson plans. Yuck!

magsmcc said...

Oh you see, it is worth reading back and catcing up- bon courage on the reading. I've tried to re-read them three times now this winter, but if they're with you I really need to get my skates on!

The dB family said...

Your quilts! I just love your quilts!

Those are good goals, reasonable goals. I am working on losing weight this year too. I'm more interested in looking toned and svelt (laughing hysterically here), so I figure some of my excess poundage had better come off first. Like twenty-five pounds of excess. We can encourage each other!