Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Will brought home a bug, and now I have it. Nothing terrible--fever and general lack of zippity doo-dah. I can function, but I probably shouldn't use any sharp tools or drive heavy machinery. I feel a bit fuzzy, is all.

Mind you, I'm not complaining. I sent my editor a draft of a new book earlier today, and I have nothing--nothing!--on my calendar for weeks. Well, there's my book club meeting tomorrow, and I'll hate to miss it, but the girls will understand. Folks who pay you to come speak to them are less understanding about these sort of things, but I don't have any speaking engagements until March, so I can have all the bugs I want until then.

Really, the reason I'm not complaining is sometimes a girl just needs an excuse to sit on her couch and read. When I was younger, before husband and kids, I needed no excuse to read at all. I read whenever I wanted to, which was pretty much all of the time. But now I have to be at the beach or with a temperature over 99 to read during the day with impunity. So I've got a bug--yay!

I have lost three pounds since I wrote about my goals two weeks ago. I've been going to the gym three times a week and keeping my carbs to under 50 grams a day. I'm eating a lot of roasted broccoli. Also: deviled eggs. Yes, my diet is Frances's Roasted Broccoli and Deviled Egg Diet. I should write a book, shouldn't I?

The last two days have been sunny and fairly warm, and so I myself have been sunny (and with this fever, fairly warm). Tomorrow it's going to cloud over again, and therefore I probably will, too. I am a very simple girl, ruled by the weather and the cycles of the moon. I actually don't know about the moon part of that, but it sounded poetic.

Okay, I'm getting rambly; time to go read some more. I hope you're feeling sunny, not gloomy, and are living a life where you don't have to make excuses to sprawl across your couch with a good book. Cheers!


P.S. My latest book made this list today: Hurray! It's a very nice list to be on, indeed.


The dB family said...

Congratulations on your achievements! I like your diet. I think I could happily be on that one for quite awhile -- especially the deviled eggs.

I hope you are feeling better soon, but until then enjoy your reading time!


Pom Pom said...

How are the Willows doing? Any action? I hope you feel better soon, Frances!

Sara Padrusch said...

Lucky you! Just sick enough to enjoy it! Congrats on making the big list! Am not at all surprised- but am beyond delighted for you nonetheless!

wayside wanderer said...

You are making the most of being under the weather...and you kind of make me wish I was just a little bit sick, too.
Congrats on making the best fiction book list! Wow, that must feel GREAT. And way to go on your goals and weight loss! I hope you feel better soon, and in the meantime enjoy your reading.

Tracy said...

Congratulations getting your book on the best fiction list. You are an inspiration. Well done on the weight loss too - sometimes I wonder which is the more exciting achievement?!

I'm ruled by the moon. I hate the full moon - it's too bright at night. There you go...a simple girl from the edge of the bush who likes to sleep in the pitch black. And I could over in winter with the weather too. It's horrible after 3 months of gloom, especially after enjoying a mid-winter escape to a beautiful summery place!

Angela said...

congratulations on fitness, diet , and book success.
I can't manage devilled eggs - this is obviously where I am going wrong.

Get well soon from your current lurgy [do you use that word ion the uSA??]

blessings x

Gumbo Lily said...

Yes, you must write the Roast Broccoli and Deviled Eggs Diet Book! Yum! I hope you'll be feeling better soon, but since you're not, enjoy reading all you can.
Hooray for making the list!


GretchenJoanna said...

Your kind of diet is the best for me, too -- except that I take my eggs neater....
I am under the weather today, too, and typed more of Aunt Ida's letters, until sleep overtook me. If I'm still lucky enough ;-) to be sick tomorrow, I think it's a book, instead.

debbie bailey said...

One sign of maturity is being able to read anytime anywhere without feeling the least bit of guilt. I'm the most mature woman on the face of the Earth!

Actually, I do feel guilt from time to time when I know I should be doing housework instead. Guess I'm not as mature as I thought...

Congrats on making the list. Jealous!