Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Report

New quilt in progress.

Just back from a chilly walk with Travis. It's 36 degrees outside, not so bad, really. Especially since I was wearing my brand new J.C. Penney fake rabbit fur ear muffs! Which is to say I look even more insane than I usually do.

My typical walking gear: An old LL Bean knit cap with a hole chewed right at the top, courtesy of puppy Travis. My dad's old black cashmere coat that needs a trip to the tailor's, as the lining has become unhemmed. Three scarves. Black leather gloves with pink and purple fingerless knit gloves over them. Jeans, tennis shoes, sunglasses. And now fake rabbit fur ear muffs over the holey knit cap.

It's a wonder my children haven't disowned me.


I've been thinking about the difference between fast social media and slow social media. Fast: Facebook, Twitter. Slow: Blogs. I think I'm too slow for the fast social media. I have friends who love FB, friends who Twitter all the time. I'm not against them. But my brain's pace is glacial. I need too much time to ponder. I'm not good with 140 characters--I need more! More, I say!

When I start paying attention to Facebook and Twitter, I turn into the rat tapping the lever for another pellet. I can't stay away. I have to know who said what and when! And if I've left my own pellet? Then I must know: Who likes me? Who tweeted back?

I'm not built for this sort of stuff. It doesn't bring out my better angels. It brings out the part of me that's compulsive, addictive and attention-seeking. There are some people who can have potato chips in the house, and some people who can't. Come look in my pantry: not a chip to be found.


My dream: To plant my front yard in lavender. Wouldn't that be nice?


Disc 2 of "Cranford" arrives today! Season 2 of Downton Abbey starts Sunday! The Man's birthday is tomorrow! So it will be a weekend of English countrysides and cake. Some quilting, some knitting. Grocery shopping. Cooking and baking. Reading? I just picked up The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. More English countryside! I read Morton's The House at Riverton in December and thoroughly enjoyed it. She writes highly entertaining historical fiction, filled with well-developed characters and crisp, clear sentences. The pages practically turn themselves.

So, yes, a bit of reading as well. What about you? What does your weekend hold?


wayside wanderer said...

I really enjoyed both of those books by Kate Morton. Sigh. Nothing like a good book that pulls you into another place and time.

Just this morning as I was opening all my window blinds I was thinking about spring and flowerbeds and such. I have a couple of gift cards set aside just for the occasion.

Now I need to go for a walk but I will not take my dog. He likes to pull out of his collar and lay down which is at odds with the purpose of the walk. And then someone has to carry him home! My daughter falls for this but I was not born yesterday and refuse to engage in such shenanigans. =)

Anonymous said...

I've read both Kate Morton books but I thought The Forgotten Garden was by far the better of the two.

I think lavender in your front garden would be gorgeous - we planted a lavender border around our garden a few years ago and we love it (and so do the bees in summer!)

Angela said...

I cannot do FB either. I have tried in vain to get the hang of twitter. Too much to say though.

Enjoy Downton [just watched the Christmas special, recorded a fortnight ago - it was lovely]

Lavender is WONDERFUL - we planted some in front of our little bungalow and it thrives despite neglect. And is useful for making gifts too!

Weekend Blessings, dear strangely-dressed friend!

Danielle said...

What is the name of this quilt pattern? I love it!

I've wanted to read both of those novels so now I will for sure. After Swamplandia, I need to escape into a happy place.

Happy b-day to the Man! Erin's b-day cake was both delicious and pretty and made her so happy. I love how homemade cakes can do that.

Weekend will be spent preparing for re-entry back into school routines. Girl scouts mtgs start back again along with cookie sales.

Tracy said...

I love that quilt too. Simple, colourful, gorgeous.

I have decided that I need to be in an anti-social-media phase of life or my degree might get hijacked! I don't have any of those things....I think my new iPhone might just have me wasting enough time with Pop Words, Hangman and Solitare. That's enough time-wasting.

I'd love to see you walking. At that temperature (which is about 0C - freezing point!) I chicken out. Actually I chicken out well before that, partly because it's also very dark at the time I would need to be walking. I'm still scared of the dark for walking around the streets.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Frances!
Yippee! I'm so glad Downton Abbey season 2 in on Sunday! I didn't know!
Your quilt is VERY fancy! Way to go!

The dB family said...

That quilt!! It's marvelous!!

I would love a yard planted in lavender too.

And who cares about style as long as you're warm!


Gumbo Lily said...

I suppose no one bugs you as you are walking along in your walking clothes, right? I had a pair of those fake fur earmuffs once -- mine where white with black spots. I called them my Dalmatian earmuffs (and I was Cruella Devil)! I lost them. Or something.

Just spent an 1 1/2 hrs. walking Horse Creek nice and sunshiny -- about 40* and no wind.

I'm glad you mentioned Kate Morton...I don't know of her but I want to now.

I will be embroidering a cute little girl (from Wee Wonderfuls) for a softie dollie. She will be 1st Birthday Gift for my granddaughter (Jan 10). Yay for birthdays!

Jody (who loves to see your quilts)

victoria said...

Your quiltmaking is impressing me. This lastest one looks like a modern work of art painting, so cool.
The new piece of furniture with serpentine drawers in beautiful.