Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hopes and Dreams

(The porch in the morning.)

Tomorrow I'm going to Chicago, where I hear it is cold. Here in North Carolina it is warm and rather gorgeous. The peas and sugarsnaps are in, and it's hard not to eat them straight off the vine. I suppose we should wash the pods first, but we are, after all, organic farmers. A little organic dirt never hurt nobody.

I have finished the revision I've been working on all spring, so when I come back from Chicago on Sunday, I will have a wide-open road until the end of May, when my children will be hanging out full time in all their glory. Don't tell them, but we're putting the boys to work this summer. I'm calling it Homeschool Summer Fun Camp. Have adventures folding the laundry! Test your your dexterity as you spend the morning weeding the garden!

But in that little stretch of three weeks between Sunday and May 31st, I have my house to myself and for the most part my time to myself. So you know what I'm going to do?

I'm not sure if I should tell you. You'll scoff. You'll raise your eyebrows and roll your eyes. You might even smirk. Okay, no, not you. You would never smirk.

But you'll take it with a big grain of salt when I tell you that I'm going to organize my attic.

Yes, yes it is true.

I even plan to use Jack's flip video camera to make a before-video for your viewing pleasure. Just please don't send people from reality TV shows to my house after watching, no matter how great the temptation.

Here's the thing: for so long I've told myself I just can't do it. That the only way to tackle the attic is with professional help, which might include the administering of professionally-prescribed drugs, but would most certainly entail hiring a professional organizer.

At other times I've thought, 'Why not leave the mess for the children, after I've dearly departed? It's mostly theirs, after all.'

But I have decided to toss out my defeated-even-before-I've begun attitude and say, Yes, yes I can. I really can. Really, really I can.

Stop smirking! Remember how I said you weren't the smirking type? It doesn't become you at all.

So that's my big plan. It's not exactly grand, but I imagine once my attic is put to rights, the rest of my house will follow suit. Suddenly I will be living simply, almost austerely. Everything in its place, everything peaceful, calm, serene.

Is it just a crazy dream?


Speaking of crazy dreams, I dreamed about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge last night. That's it--no more BBC America for me!

But wasn't her dress to die for?


the crew said...

I'll totally come help you -just call. I dream of organizing. Sick, huh? It can be our little secret.

Susan said...

Yes, the dress was perfect but even a princess only gets to wear that for just for one day. I'd give anything to walk around with that smile that lights up an entire room. Or castle.

I'd wear those earrings every day. Present from the folks I understand. Closest present I ever got from my parents? A 1976 patchwork long skirt with matching vest. Even as much as I love my parents, it's not quite the same. Stylish at the time for a second grader but doesn't quite stand the test of time like I think those diamond baubles will.

wayside wanderer said...

I have been reading the book Bonhoeffer and he has been sneaking into my dreams.

When I cleaned out my attic I hurt my back so, no smirking here, just encouragement to take care of your spine. =D

Have a great trip!

Pom Pom said...

Yes, her dress was lovely and she is beautiful!
You might find some cool stuff in the attic. I hope your trip to Chicago is good, good, good. Your porch picture is perfect!

victoria said...

The photo is so nice.
I am honestly looking forward to hearing about your clean out process, very interesting!!

Tracy said...

I needed that laugh after trying to wrap my head around this week's numeracy work!

I'm thinking your attic and my dungeon are probably clutter twins. Because Mr Busy and Will are messy bedroom twins, so it makes sense that our 'storage' areas would follow suit. I'm cheering you on from my side of the globe. If you can do it, maybe I can too. One day. Not in the next four years though.

Sara Padrusch said...

I can tell you from experience that the attic will only take a few days at most. Chuck everything you can get your hands on and put the rest in boxes. Once it's tidy, never, ever, ever put anything up there again.


Sandy H said...

I'm a fan of the Clean Sweep method from a now-defunct HGTV show. Move EVERYTHING out of the room, divide into three piles: Keep, Sell, Toss. (I usually do "Keep, Donate, Toss" because garage sales are just way too much work and by the time I'm done cleaning I don't want to see the dang stuff anymore.) Only move the stuff from the "Keep" back into the room. It really does work--we've used it on multiple rooms. Or, rather, my daughter's bedroom multiple times. Sigh. And somehow I missed the matrimonial bru-ha-ha. I need to at least glimpse some pics somewhere.

Angela said...

smirk? I would never smirk! I am gasping in amazement at your utter bravery in being willing to take on such a task alone. PLEASE take lots of before/after pictures 'pour encourager les autres'
and do eat cake along the way, to keep your spirits up!
blessings xx

Gumbo Lily said...

First. Don't wash the pea pods. Just eat them right off the vine.

Second. I scoffed. No. I laughed! About the attic, I mean. I thought you were going to leave it to your loved ones like I am leaving my crawl space to them. (Now you might motivate me to organize IF you film it)

I'll be checking back for sure.

Those boys will be such good hands at weed-pulling this summer. You'll need them.


Melissa E said...

Have a great time in Chicago! I wonder if I can get my parents to clean out and organize their attic, I have actually thought of what a nightmare that will be one of these days. Our attic is actually pretty organized...but only because we don't put anything up there :-) Good idea to get it organized before it gets blazing hot around here!

The dB family said...

We can commiserate. I'm working on my basement which is a total fright from all the renovations. Maybe you'll find some treasures up there :o).