Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Healing Power of Pie

Yesterday morning Jack came downstairs and planted himself in front of my rocking chair, where I was reading the newspaper online. He had on the sort of mopey, sad-sack expression only a twelve-year-old boy can muster. "I feel nauseous," he told me. "Am I hot?"

I sighed. I'd been back in town for less than twenty-four hours, and I was still weary from my travels. "Let me feel your forehead," I told him, and he slumped down in front of me. He was definitely warm, verging on hot. But feverish? Hmmm ... I'm not sure I'd call him feverish.

Normally when one of my children claim to be ill, I tower over him like a marine sergeant, spittle flying from my mouth as I yell, "UNLESS YOU HAVE A 104 FEVER AND AN ADVANCED CASE OF LEPROSY, YOU WILL GO TO SCHOOL!"

But that's not where I was yesterday. I waved a limp hand at him and said, "Fine, go back to bed, we'll see how you feel in an hour."

In an hour, he actually felt hotter, and he looked sort of pasty, so I felt like I'd erred on the side of good judgment. It would be nice in situations like this to have a thermometer that works, but I have bad thermometer zen. I can't explain it.

He came downstairs for a bowl of cereal around 3 p.m., and the Corn Chex seemed to revive him some. "Did you get all the ingredients for the pie?" he asked me, leafing through the book he'd given me the day before for Mother's Day, Southern Pies. Jack is our family pie maker, and he'd already decided the first recipe he was going to try was Black Bottom pie.

"You can't bake pies when you're sick," I reminded him, and he nodded. And then, I swear, the color began to come back to his cheeks.

"I'm starting to feel better," he announced. "I'll make the pie tomorrow."

And, dear reader, he did, the minute he got home from school. It's chilling in the fridge right now, and it is gorgeous. I helped him some, but it really is Jack's pie. The Pie that Brought My Child Back to Health. How could it be anything other than delicious?

I'm working on my attic video. I made one today, but it was five minutes long, and it would probably take you an hour to download. I'll try again tomorrow. Be prepared to be shocked, I tell you, shocked!


Pom Pom said...

Well, Jack is a wonder! Making pie! I'm glad he is feeling so much better and that he has a tasty pie to eat!
I hope your travels were good and that you allow yourself some time to rest, too!

GretchenJoanna said...

That is some boy you have...rare. I think my Soldier made a pie with his sister once, but all alone? Never.

Tracy said...

Twelve year old male pie maker. I like it. I reckon Mr Busy could be in that same place come a year from now. Yes. I can see it now. Two girls who make dinner and a boy who does dessert. This could be good!

wayside wanderer said...

A passion for pies! Now that is my kinda boy. =) Glad he is feeling better. I hope you are rested up, too, and thanks be for the Reviving Powers of Pie.

Amanda said...

I have a 12-yr old boy who loves to bake, but I haven't let him do a pie. What a great idea. By the way, my mother (Gretchen) could tell you how my future husband charmed the family by bringing a pie for dinner -- one he'd made himself!

Angela said...

Mmmmmm! Pie!
Glad you are back safe in the bosom of your family, and that the fever has passed. Looking forward to the attic pictures.

Gumbo Lily said...

A pie-making boy? Send him right over to me. I'll let him make pie with a fever if he wants to.

Can't wait for the video.


Pom Pom said...

Hi Frances! Did you get my email?
I just finished Ten Miles Past Normal. LOVE it! Here are a few choice, choice, choice lines:
. . . "it's just that I've never heard of a hootenjammy"
...wish that they could smoke cigarettes like the high school stoners of yore."
". . . Mr. Pritchard a denizen of the upper echelons of Mount Olympus."
It's brilliant. Thank you so much!

The dB family said...

How neat that you have a twelve year old who likes to make pies! I'm glad that the thought of making pie helped him to feel better!