Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Attic Diaries, Day 2

(My friend Sarah gave me a bunch of Swiss Chard today--isn't it gorgeous?)

I am making progress. Teeny tiny progress.

What keeps me going? Your comments help, especially comments in which you share that your children are grown and you still have Lego in your attic.

Does the Lego-less attic even exist? I don't think so.

Today I had three small projects: Put all the party stuff in one box, all the arts and crafts supplies into one bin, and make a neat pile of the Legos boxes. Actually, my plan had been to chuck the Legos boxes into the recycling, but then I realized that they weren't empty.

I thought about pretending they were and sort of kind of accidentally throwing them away.

(By the way, I'm sorry that I had to cut the bat footage from the video. He's a really cute bat.)

Below: a picture of the pie Jack made last week. He hasn't made this week's pie yet, though he has made the crust (his first!), which is chilling in the fridge. This week it's double apple pie. I can't wait until we get to strawberry lemon pie. I love strawberry-anything and lemon-anything.

Tomorrow I may take a break from the attic, but on Friday I'm going to attack the corner with all the comforters that need to be washed and the old curtains that long for windows but are far too old and faded to hang up in public, and a bunch of other stuff that's really hard to fold neatly and I don't have any place to put.

But right now I'm going to plant some mint in a pot. Doesn't that sound nice?


The dB family said...

That pie looks delicious! It sounds like your making a good dent in the attic. You deserve a break. Mmm, enjoy that mint!


Pom Pom said...
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wayside wanderer said...

Yummmm! Please pass a piece of pie.

I have so many toys in our attic it is a wonder the ceiling doesn't cave in on us. Sometimes one of the kids says something about selling them, but then I balk. I want to save it for my grandkids so I get to play with it all over again.

Gumbo Lily said...

We still have Legos in our crawl space, but all of them are in one rubbermaid box. ALL. OF. THEM. No Lego boxes.

More pie? Send me that pie-making Jack!


Gumbo Lily said...

Pretty, pretty chard. It looks so lovely in the vase. Are you going to eat it? And how do you like to eat your chard?


Tracy said...

You're my decluttering hero. I don't have an attic. I have a dungeon. I use the term affectionately. It's kind of 'the shed', but it's under the house and is dark and cold. Good on hot summer days! I can't tell you the stuff that has been stored down there. And I don't really want to know!!!!!!

Love that pie. It looks really really good. We should put Jack and my girls together. What a feast they could make between them!

Pom Pom said...

Okay, new comment! I said my instead of may in the last one and I wanted to comment on the chard anyway! It's so lovely! I wonder why florists don't use veggies in their arrangements.
The pie is amazing! I think a recipe book with pictures is in order or a book titled A Boy and His Pies. There could be a story of the everyday trials of Jack and then his therapeutic pie baking that follows. Go, Frances Go! I like Jody's idea of the big tub with all the Legos.

Melissa E said...

That pie looks so yummy! Jack is very talented! Great to see you the other day!

Angela said...

Your chard LOOKS lovely - but I don't like the taste! The pie looks FABULOUS and I am SURE it is delicious - can you please send your son over here to make pies for us, in exchange for some of my vintage buttons? LEGO is from a Danish word meaning 'play well'.
PLEASE keep inspiring me to declutter- I put out two HUGE bags of rubbish yesterday [not counting recycling, and charity donations]
blessings x

Sara Padrusch said...

When in doubt, throw it out! No mercy babe!


Heather said...

At the farmer's market, a woman was selling jewelry made from legos. I was delighted and thought wow! I could make and sell these. But practicality kicked in when I remembered legos are far from a precious commodity. Maybe I'll still do it...I could make tens of dollars! ;-)

Angela said...

If you are not still in the attic, check out my Love Wins post!

debbie bailey said...

I not only still have Legos in the closet, I have BB's in the cracks of my heartpine floors. I smile every time I see them. They remind me of my own mini-warriors who have now gone on to conquer other territory. The Legos are great for when the grandsons come over to play. SAVE YOURS! You'll wish you had.

Sandy H said...

I planted spearmint, chocolate mint, and ginger mint all in one pot, just because they looked pretty together. I don't actually use mint all that often in cooking, but I like to go out, pick a few leaves, crush them up in my fingers, and give it a good sniff!