Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School, Redux

Thanks for all the nice comments on the lamp! If you want to do one yourself, follow this link to the tutorial I used.


Yesterday was the first day of school. I had big plans. I'd planned on hanging out in my empty house and listening to it echo. Planned on streaming Season 2 of thirtysomething through the Wii via Netflix and ironing fabric that's been stuffed in a bag since July. These were not particularly grand plans, I admit, but I was looking forward to them.

Oh, but the first day of school is never as it should be. Late August in North Carolina is rarely crisp and brisk and autumnal. The foliage is still lush and green. No red and orange leaves waft from the trees and lodge themselves in the happy children's hair as they walk the two blocks to school. No walking to school. No blocks. Happy children? Hmmm ... well, actually, I think the boys were happy. Sleep-deprived, but happy.

I got them to school safely, and then my car died. In my driveway, fortunately. And fortunately the Man was still home, and fortunately, it was just the battery, and fortunately there was a nice restaurant to have lunch at after we dropped off the minivan at the dealership.

So it was all good, but nothing like the first day of school I had in mind. So I'm declaring today the official first day of school. I've been to Target and the library, I've walked the dog, and in a minute I'm going to start streaming the second season of thirtysomething through the Wii via Netflix if I can figure out how.


As I could have predicted, Jack returned home yesterday energized by his first day, and Will came home drained. And as I could have predicted, Jack slept through his alarm this morning, and Will hopped right up. And as I could have predicted, once Jack got up he was cheerful and ready to go, and after consciousness fully set in Will was grumpy, especially when the Man made him change his clothes and put on underwear. He'll take the underwear off the minute he gets home. My boy, he likes to be free.

I don't know, is there a rule kids have to wear underwear to school?


magsmcc said...

Mattman came home from school one day and berated me for not having put his pants on. But then he had only discovered the omission when he went to the lavatory in the course of the day, so I'd have to vote seriously over-rated! Enjoy the rest of your first days of school!

Heather said...

We have one of those free boys here, too. I have learned to keep the front blinds shut in case he decides to strip off in the middle of the day.

I loved thirtysomething even when I wasn't anywhere near a thirtysomething.

wayside wanderer said...

I love to stream netflix through our wii. I never watch real tv anymore.

The whole no underwear problem is a new-to-me dilemma. If nothing else I got a chuckle. Not sure that is comforting though, eh?

I took the day off and went shopping with friends while leaving my students at home with their assignments. It helps keep me sane. :D

Pom Pom said...

I know! It's too hot for school.

Gumbo Lily said...

LOL!!! The underwear thing just cracked (pun) me up!!!

Happy first REAL day of school to you!


Tracy said...

We start our school year in the very hottest part of summer ~ you know the whole six weeks vs 12 weeks of school holidays. I'm sure I'd like to hibernate with my air conditioner on those yucky over 35C days like you guys can.

Never had problems with underwear here. I would suggest it's perhaps less of a problem for boys, who wear trousers than for girls. I remember when I was a kid, my best friend that day forgot to put undies in her swimming bag and discovered the error after swimming. There was no monkey bar play for us that day. I suspect she would've been overly cautious sitting on the mat in the classroom too.

debbie bailey said...

I truly get the no underwear thing. I have four grandsons. This was one conversation during a sleep-over at my house.

Self: I'm going to go wash your underwear so you will have clean ones to sleep in.

Four-year-old grandson: That's okay, Nana. I'll just sleep commando.

Translation: I'm putting back on my shorts to sleep in without underwear underneath.


Susan said...

My cousin has to ask his eleven year-old daughter every day before leaving the house, "Lexi, do you have your underpants on?" Virtually every day, Lexi is forced to trudge back up the steps to find a pair. Each time she seems surprised and grumpy about it. This has been their household routine since preschool.

I have visions of him asking her before walking her down the aisle on her wedding day, "Lexi, do you have your underpants on?"

victoria said...

Yay for the lampshade!
I am glad to hear you are planning on watching thirtysomething season 2, I have the set of season 1 waiting for me to start, I was inspired by watching My So Called Life from the library, they are by the same directors or something? Anyway, looking forward to it.
Yay for school starting again, I always feel sorry for you when its your long summer school holidays. Even though they're happy happy good good.