Wednesday, August 11, 2010

13 Days

(mountain fern, mountain bug)

I have posted tiny little love notes to everyone who commented on my blog-o-versary. If you haven't had a chance to comment, but want to, please do. I will post a tiny little love note to you as well. It's not too late!

5:42 p.m. This is the lowest point in my day. That sounds dramatic. It's not low as in "Time to throw myself off a cliff now" low. Low energy low, is what we're talking about. "Need to eat dinner but the Man doesn't get home until 6:30" low. "I'd take a nap but I might not wake up until midnight" low.

I think I'm feeling particularly tired today because:

1. It is 100 degrees.

2. My children were pills at the pool. Will pestered Jack, and Jack kept storming over to me to complain in his best "My Life is an Opera of Wildly Dramatic Proportions and Now I Will Yell About My Misery in a Manner that will Make You Want to Strangle Me in Front of Ninety-Seven Witnesses" voice. Instant headache.

3. My friend Sarah gave me an Ikea catalog to look at. I immediately started hyperventilating. I have never gotten so excited looking at a catalog in my life. Affordable furniture! Maybe now I can actually have a grown-up bedroom! And Will can have drawers! And it's all so cute and funky! Really, I nearly passed out reading this thing.

4. It is 100 degrees.

I think that's all I have to say. Oh, did I mention there are 13 days left until school starts? I was at the pool today with my friends Amy and Tiffany, who home school, and I thought, "These are the great ones, the women of valor, the warriors of our tribe." Home school moms, I honor you! You are better women than I.

There, I've admitted it.


Gumbo Lily said...

Hey Lefty! I am one of those homeschool moms, but let me tell you what, we are not "great ones." I thank you for your kind honor, but we are human. We crack. One year I was so overwhelmed that my kids tell me it was the year that mom had a breakdown. In fact, they will sometimes say between themselves, "Remember when mom had her breakdown?" as if they had to cart me away to an institution for a year to recover. Still....I'd do it again.

I am like you in that I need food around 5 pm and/or a nap. I sometimes just lie down on the couch and take a nap. An all-out snoring, dreaming nap. Why not, I say?

Ikea! When I was in Phoenix last winter, I went to an IKEA with my friend. O man! I took a catalog home, but discovered I cannot order anything. Drat! But you. Go, I say. Hunt, find, bring it home!

I'm sorry about your boys. I have four of them. They do grow some extent.

Stay cool.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Jody, I appreciate your honesty. But it's that willingness to live life on the edge--the edge you fall off of from time to time--that makes me admire my homeschooling friends. I know from Amy that it's not easy, and I suspect if I tried it, it would be The Year that Mom Had a Breakdown" every year!

I'm going to Ikea, baby, and I'll post the pictures of the hunt when I get back.


wayside wanderer said...

Ikea is wonderful but it can be so overwhelming. We redid our little office/book nook earlier this summer (I should post pictures--never got around to it) but deciding on what to get nearly drove me insane. There is sooooo much. They also have a great little project planner you can down load with the dimensions of your room and rearrange it with their stuff to your hearts content (or discontent as the case may be).

Pom Pom said...

That's so funny about the drama at the pool!
They call that time frame the arsenic hours for a reason, you know.
Sometimes, without REALLY thinking, I call my daughter within those hours and I can hear the daggers in her voice.

Heather said...

Dude. 100 degrees says it all.

Thought of you when I watched my girl get on the school bus at 6:40 this morning. The new kindergarten moms were wearing makeup,non-pajama clothing, and even accessories! We veterans simply shook our bed-heads and wiped the sleep out of our eyes. They'll learn!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Wayside, My friend Sarah, a serious Ikea Girl, has warned me that I'll be overwhelmed and is coaching me on how to do the Ikea experience. I'm easily overwhelmed in any shopping situation, so I'll need all the coaching I can get!

Pom-Pom, Whenever my mom calls me she starts out with, "Is this a good time?" Fortunately, my parents eat around 5:30 most days, so she rarely calls on those afternoons where I'm likely as not to answer the phone, "WHAT?" instead of hello.

Heather, Are you guys sweltering, too? Man, enough already! I wonder how long until those kindergarten moms start showing up in their pjs like everyone else? If it takes longer than two weeks, pull them aside for a serious chat about how the world really works.

Danielle said...

We're in the process of giving Aidan an IKEA updated bedroom. Did Amy tell you? We have the bed, but need to get other pieces. Lots of purging and reorg that has to happen first. Please include me in any future IKEA trip(s). I've also heard we need a battle plan so we don't end up overwhelmed and defeated. I look forward to hearing what you learn from your friend Sarah.

Tracy said...

My SIL is terribly excited that Ikea is coming to her neck of the woods.

I want to go...when I have enough money in my pocket to spend on something. Meanwhile there are school fees and car repairs....

100 degrees? YUK! I'm going to really enjoy the next couple of months before I am to endure the same torture!