Monday, May 17, 2010

Someone's Knocking at the Door

Okay, so just a few minutes ago the doorbell rang. I was upstairs, the boys were downstairs. I came downstairs and saw two young people on my porch holding clipboards.

I waved at them, said, "Not today," and waited for them to leave. The young man mouthed, "What?" I waved again, and walked down the hall to the kitchen. I waited a minute, then walked back to the door. They were gone.

Can I just say it goes against my good manners to behave in such a way? I am generally polite and friendly. I am even polite and friendly to phone solicitors--right before I hang up on them. I smiled at the young people on my porch with their clipboard, but I just didn't feel like talking to them. I contribute money to the charities I support, I write my representatives over the issues that concern me, I vote, and I not only buy gift wrap from the Our Fine School Fundraiser, if I'm feeling really generous, I buy a roll or two from my nieces' schools, too.

So, really, I had nothing to say to these two young folks except "No." And then again: "No." And after one more attempt, "No, really, I mean it, no thank you."

But it seems rude not to open the door. It goes against my sense of hospitality. And it was raining. Not that I was going to invite them in, but it does make one feel sorry for them, that whatever cause they're shilling for, they're forced to do it in bad weather.

But when I open the door, someone sticks a foot in. This has happened before. I have subscribed to more than one magazine I didn't really want. Bought nut-filled candy bars for a nut-free house.

So, really, what's a girl to do? Obviously I feel conflicted over this. To open the door or not?

Tell me, what do you do?


Pom Pom said...

I am always torn. I've opened more often than not. Our kids do it, too. Our daughter bought all those very expensive books from "the cutest little Scottish girl" and I've refused to sign petitions but still given cash. I guess it's because I still love Avon ladies.

Tracy said...

I have two doors ~ the wooden one and a screen door. Both are always locked. I don't open the screen door to people I don't know. Particularly when they're trying to sell me or convince me of something I'm not interested in. I just say "sorry, I'm not interested" and close the door.

debbie bailey said...

I have a lace curtain on my front door that allows me to see out but no one can see in, at least in the daytime. If I don't like the looks of the person, I don't open the door. I probably open it too often. I'm trusting that way. I also have been known to open the front door with a shotgun in hand! Trusting...but not stupid.

Angela said...

It is SO difficult. I usually find out what they want [in case they are in genuine need of speaking to My Husband The Pastor] but I think there are times when you need to just be firm and say "I am sorry, not today" graciously as you can.

Gumbo Lily said...

I often listen to the spiel and then kindly say, no thanks. I have bought boxes of oranges and chocolate candy bars, but next time I feel the need to do that, I'm just going to give a cash donation instead.

Phone solicitors get a prompt and polite "no thanks" right off the bat.