Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Mess #1

We've gotten to the point in the school year where I no longer care all that much about combing the boys' hair in the morning. Jack, whose hair is thick and heavy, usually can get by with a gentle hair patting to smooth everything down, except on those mornings after he's had a shower. Then water must be applied. Will, whose hair is fine and light, is another story. It's amazing to me, his hair configurations. What does this child do while he's sleeping to cause such follicular combustions?

The last week or so, if Will's hair isn't too wildly out of whack, I let him walk out the door with various strands sticking out here and there. I've noticed at drop-off I'm not the only mom at Our Fine School who's given up the ghost. It's a regular parade of kids having bad hair days.

It goes without saying that I stopped combing my own hair sometime around February.

Mess #2

So I casually mention to the Man the other day that I might have accidentally torn a teeny tiny little rip in the wallpaper in the living room, oh, two or three weeks a go, and if we ever decide to sell the house we'll have to do something about it. The Man massaged his temples the way he does when a tension headache is in the making, and gently, through clenched teeth, asked me to show him where.

Thus began the Great Wallpaper Peel of 2010.

So, we have an L-shaped living room/dining room area that's not humongous, but it's a nice sized space. The wallpaper, applied by the previous owners, is tasteful but bland--a mottled cream with gold and brown squiggles. It's the sort of wallpaper you can live with while simultaneously hating it with every fiber of your being.

The bad news here is also the good news: it comes off easily. As I found out removing a bit of tape from it a few weeks ago, and as the Man found out Sunday as he began, with reckless abandon, stripping it off the walls. Once he realized it would be an easy job, he took to it with gusto.

Not satisfied to stop with the living room, he soon ventured into the front hall, with its dark blue paper that sucks every drop of light from the foyer and stairway. Turns out that comes off pretty easily too!

So now much of the first floor of my house is littered in wallpaper scraps, and the walls are standing around naked and self-conscious. I'm happy for the wallpaper to come down, but a little scared that the Man will run out of steam before the priming and painting begins.

Messes I Don't Have the Energy to Think about Right Now:

1. Will's room
2. My study (which has become a repository for all the upstairs recycling and the stuff that gets carried upstairs from the living room and family room, but doesn't quite make it to its proper place)
3. Will's room
4. The bathtub in the master bathroom
5. Will's room
6. The mudroom
7. Will's room

Did I mention Will's room?


Angela said...

We don't have 'mudrooms' in the UK - unless they are the same as our [F]utility Rooms.

Can I add to your ignored mess list - my school filing system [aka the spare bed] the kitchen and the dining room?

blessings x

Sara Padrusch said...

How's that for eating the elephant! You should post pictures because I like seeing other people's messes! Priming and painting is a piece of cake. Just annoying!

Danielle said...

Go! Pick out colors. Bring home lots of those fun paint sample strips. Circle colors you like and leave them lying about the house. Perhaps be daring and get 1 or 2 try-me sizes of paint samples and slap some on the walls. Insert names like dewberry, safron strands, glazed pot, and sliced cucumber into conversation. A lot.

It's almost Mother's Day. I bet even Will can pick up these clues. What better gift than finishing the job with nice, fresh paint?

Tracy said...

Oh, you make me laugh, Frances.

Are Will and Mr Busy related by mess and hair? Surely they are!!!! I avoid Mr Busy's messy room....and his hair currently looks like a cocky (cockatoo) has been styling his hair. He needs a haircut. The boy has been known to declare "But I don't know HOW", when asked to brush his hair. He genuinely doesn't. He's never had to!

Meanwhile, I tried something new myself this week. Mousse and anti-frizz stuff together....and no hairbrushing the next day. Ya know, it's not a bad look!

Gumbo Lily said...

Hair messes. I haven't been brushing mine for many years. It's wild and curly and when I brush it turns into Ronald McDonald hair.

How exciting to be peeling away that old wall paper! I know it's messy, but think of the beauty that will come after the work and mess!


Pom Pom said...

I wish it was as fun to peel wallpaper as it is to peel dried up sunburns.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Frances! Happy Mother's Day to a truth teller, a laugh bringer, and I word worker. Your books deliver your mother's heart to some who just might be lacking. I love your vision and your humble approach to motherhood.

victoria said...

Yes! This a very amazing observation about not caring about the messy hair, it must be the natural time for the caring to run out because THIS VERY MORNING I consciously gave up on worrying about whether my oldest son's shaggy hair was neat for school, this very morning, how strange is that?!!