Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick Update

We're on our way out of town. I've got a summer bug and am looking forward to napping in the car for hours on end.

Everyone has graduated. Fourth Grade Graduation was actually quite moving. I've known a lot of Jack's classmates since they were in kindergarten, and it's hard to believe how grown-up they are and how grown-up they're going to be in a few years.

Here's a problem for you to solve while I'm gone: Laundry spots. All too often when I pull my clothes from the dryer they have spots on them that they didn't have when I put them in the washer. Danielle told me she's heard a possible culprit is dryer sheets. Those of you who dry on the line, do you get spots? Has anyone gotten spots and figured out how not to get spots?

Is the problem that we buy all our tee shirts at Target? Should I be shelling out more for shirts to avoid the dreaded spots?

Please help. This problem has been plaguing me for years. I have finally admitted that I am powerless over it. The rest is up to you.

See you next week!


Dulce Domum said...

I know nothing of these spots you talk of, however I do dry on the line, so you're dryer could be the culprit!

Angela said...

Like DD, I usually dry on the line, but I sometimes get spots if my washing powder/tablets do not dissolve fully.

Tracy said...

Enjoy your little trip away. Get lots of rest!!!!!

Spots on the washing huh. No...can't say I have that problem. But I dry on the line or over heater vents, not in the dryer. In fact, if you dry your washing in the sun, the sun will bleach out some of the stains :)

My problem is the piles of washing that accumulate in the blink of an eye. Got a cure for that??!!

Gumbo Lily said...

Are the spots faded looking spots or oily looking spots? I know sometimes I get faded spots when my bleach or soap doesn't mix in well during the wash cycle. Is there something else rattling around in the dryer....chapstick? That's the oily spot I get, I'm pretty sure.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Thanks for the input, everybody. I've been drying the dark clothes without dryer sheets and this seems to be having an effect. And, yes, Jody, sometimes the problem is chapstick! I really need to remember to check the boys' pockets ...