Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let the Summer Games Begin

We're back. I think it's a sign you're getting older when for every day you're on vacation, it takes a day to recover once you're home again. This particular trip called for a lot of driving and a lot of hiking. Also some time spent in the deep down heart of a cave, where I was convinced I was going to break my leg (caves being wet and slippery in spots) and have to be carried out. I also kept expecting the cave ceiling to suddenly collapse and crush us all. I don't believe a career as a spelunker is in my future.

I love this part of summer. I'm not tired of the heat yet (usually that happens in the third week of June) and I still have grand dreams of what I might accomplish. Will this be the summer I actually make new curtains for the bathroom? Dare I be so bold to hope?

I did something quite unusual yesterday: I took a lesson. I am your basic self-taught type, which is why I do so many things so haphazardly, seemingly without rhyme or reason. When seasoned, serious knitters watch me knit, they cock their heads to one side, raise their eyebrows quizzically, and say, "I've never seen it done that way before."

For me to shell out money to someone to teach me to do something, well, it's pretty much unheard of. But this spring I took up a new musical instrument, began teaching myself, and enjoyed playing so much that I didn't want to stop. Being a person of enthusiasms, some more long lived than other, I knew the only way to ensure I kept up with it was to take lessons.

Yesterday, fiddle in hand, I walked down Wilkerson Street, knocked on the door of the house with all the paintings nailed to the front porch walls, and began.

I was terrified, as all shy people are, of performing in front of another person. But my teacher, who bares a close resemblance to Santa Claus, was as laid back as you'd guess by the lived-in look of his porch, made me feel comfortable right away. So it was an hour well spent and now I can play "Gray Cat on a Tennessee Farm," a staple of old time music.

A good start to my summer. Another good start: It's 9:21 and my children are still sleeping. I've waited ten years for this day, and it's finally here.

Whoops! One just woke up. Must run. Have a great Tuesday!


Tracy said...

How come you only had to wait 10 years! Thirteen years and I'm still waiting for the kids to sleep in! Oh wait. Miss Sunshine slept until 9.20am once as a baby/toddler. Yeah...pretty much still waiting. Mine are not sleeper innerers. By 8am they are always all up, no matter how late the went to bed the night before.

Good luck with the music lessons. Can I say I'm jealous? I've only ever had about 3 months worth of proper lessons and I'm sure I'd love more! Then again, they might tell me how terrible my technique is and try to fix it...then I'd be all fingers and thumbs in the wrong spots!

Gumbo Lily said...

Wishing you much success with your music lessons. I admire anyone who takes music lessons as an adult.

We're in Yellowstone vacationing and one son is golfing in a tournament.


debbie bailey said...

Good for you! As a piano teacher, I can tell you that adults learn much faster than children. I think it's because their desire level is much higher. You'll do great!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, Tracy, it's the beauty of having boys growing older (tho, come to think of it, Mr. Busy may be older than Will ... okay, maybe it's just luck!). I hope for your sake that at least they go to bed early.

One of the reasons I'm taking the lessons now, early in the game, is so I can get feedback on my technique before it becomes set in stone. Still, a lot of really good musicians I know, including my husband, never took lessons.

Jody, I hope you're having a great vacation. My folks went to Yellowstone awhile back and loved it. Thanks for your good wishes!

Thanks for the encouragement, Debbie. I'll keep you posted on my progress! Although I wish I'd started earlier, I know one advantage of started at my age is that I'll practice without anyone having to fuss at me!