Monday, November 3, 2008

Menu Plan Monday (etc.)

All right, then: Here's the week--

Monday: Shrimp and Chorizo sausage with brown rice
Tuesday: Chicken Marsala and mashed taters
Wednesday: Black beans and rice
Thursday: Lasagne
Friday: Leftover lasagne


Yesterday I made cheese crackers. It is part of my renewed commitment to the homemade life. I went grocery shopping the other day and was appalled by how much packaged junk I had in my cart. Really, when you get too lazy to make chocolate chip cookies, you're in a bad way. I can make chocolate chip cookies in my sleep. I am the queen of chocolate chip cookies. So what are those dang Keebler's Fudge Stripes doing in my grocery bag?

I decided the very least I could do was scrap the Goldfish and make some cheddar crackers myself. Not a huge savings money-wise, butter and cheese costing what they do, but a severe reduction of chemicals and additives. Plus, little homemade cheddar biscuits taste better.

I've also recently dried big bunches of basil, thyme and oregano from the garden, and done some seed-saving. I'm feeling very much the thrifty farmer's wife. Somebody probably oughta give me an award.


Trick or treating Friday night: We went to a friend's neighborhood (our neighborhood consists of 122 retirees who all go to bed at 5:45) , and the boys made quite the haul. We have found the Good Candy Neighborhood of Little Children's Dreams. Snickers bars galore!

I had to dump out last year's candy to make room for this year's. There was plenty of old candy left, but it was mostly loose Skittles and blueberry Tootsie Rolls, candy that no self-respecting child would eat. Interestingly, despite the amazing lode of quality chocolate Will brought in Friday night, he seems to have forgotten it. Good news for the dentist (or the person paying the dental bills), bad news for moi, candy fiend who is trying very hard not to eat candy.

At what point can Will's candy mysteriously disappear by half? What is the etiquette of throwing away perfectly good candy that your kid's not going to eat but wants to possess nonetheless? Please advise.


Saturday, I went to the yarn store to buy yarn for two pairs of socks and two pairs of fingerless mittens. I will not tell you what I spent. Enormous amounts. For Christmas presents, mind you, but still. Small countries have operating budgets that are less than what I spent on yarn. But such yarn! Beautiful colorways, amazing to behold and hold. If I don't actually finish my knitting projects by Christmas, however, I'm toast.


I just did an e-mail interview for somebody's book blog. The interviewer's final question was, if I had unlimted funds, what would I buy? My answer: Art, books, quilts, yarn and a house built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Oh, yeah, and world peace. That, too.


Tracy said...

The etiquette of disposing unwanted but good candy Beyond My Picket Fence is terribly wasteful. If I don't want it eaten I throw it away. Realistically it does us more good in the bin..both for teeth and my weight. Because yes, if there were chocolate involved I would eat it all...quickly.

If you just can't do that, throw it in the food collection bin ~ we have one in our local supermarket and a couple of baskets at church.

Frances, what kind of book are you writing? Fiction, non-fiction, genre...? I'm busting to know.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Tracy, I write children's books (novels, for ages 9-12). The one I'm working on right now is a very light fantasy, but mostly I write realistic, contemporary fiction.

The food collection bin is a good idea. I may also send a bunch of candy to work with my husband. He won't eat it (no sweet tooth--amazing!), but his coworkers sure will.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of sending a basket of goodies to hubby's work. They will love you for it, and it solves the disposal problem.


Tracy said...

If you ever want to test out your book on some book lovers in that age group my kids are at your service. They all fall into that age bracket ... well, Mr Busy is 8, but reads ahead of his age well and truly.

Miss Mischief would relish the opportunity for certain. She's the one with the insatiable hunger for books.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Tracy, e-mail me with your address and I'll send you something!

Tracy said...
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Victoria said...

I like the sound of your menu. Must get into making a weekly menu again - so much less confusing..

You are so mysterious hiding your author identity!!