Friday, October 31, 2008

I Emerge Victorious

Let it be said that a six-foot long Storm Trooper costume is no match for me. No matter that it is made from some fabric loosely defined as a rayon/polyester/nylon mix that resists a needle and thread like nobody's business. No matter that I had to remove foam rubber arm pads and epaulets and then reattach them later to the slippery, nightgown-like material. No matter that I was flying blind, making it up as I was going along, winging it big time.

Will it win an award at next year's National Tailor's Convention? No. There are few straight seams, the sleeves are not the same length, and the elastic waistband is connected with safety pins (for adjustment purposes). But it fits and does not look ridiculous, and that's all I was shooting for.


Next project: Painting. On getting the house ready to sell, the previous owners, on the advice of their realtor, no doubt, painted the upstairs hall, master bedroom, and both upstairs bathrooms. I assume the realtor did not advise them to buy cruddy paint brushes that shed all over the wet paint, but that is exactly what they did. I also assume the realtor did not advise them to paint the aforementioned areas in office greys and beiges, but they did that, too.

So I've been looking at paint chips--peaches and periwinkles, light, friendly colors that make a girl look a few years younger--and now I'm working up to actually painting. First, I will buy the paint. Then I will realize that my husband has taken all the paint gear to the mountain house, so I will go back and buy brushes and rollers and pans and tarps. Then, sometime around next March, I will actually start painting.

Today is Will's birthday! We celebrated last night, as tonight is trick-or-treating. We added more Legos to his collection (because that's what he wanted and because we are insane) and a baseball pitch-back net, and some arrowheads and cards my husband made with the dog's picture on them.

So Will is six. I know he has to grow up, and it will be interesting to watch as he grows, but it makes me sad that one day we will leave the little boy version of Will behind. He is a fine little boy, a lover of baseball and Legos and trucks and dogs. He makes friends easily, is open and generous and good natured. His feet are still cute. I'm glad we have him.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Hi! Good job with the alterations. That does sound daunting.

By the way, I'm left-handed, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to little Will. I have a little Will too, who will turn six next March.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hello, Mrs. Mordecai--Thanks for stopping. We left-handed gals need to stick together!

Five-year-old Wills are very nice, Kate, and the good news is that as far as I can tell six-year-old Wills are just the same. As for fifteen-year-old Wills ...I shudder to think!

Angela said...

I am NOT left-handed, but my child - who is now grown up and just turned 24 years is left-handed. Parenting is hard work, but the good moments [birthdays, fancy dress costumes, building lego houses together etc etc] far outweigh the hard times.
Love and blesisngs-Angela

Tracy said...

Congratulations to Will. Six is such a fun age when you're a little boy with lots of Lego!