Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

I can't seem to remember when my wedding anniversary is, but I know for a fact that today marks one year for this blog. It helps that all I had to do was check the archives (as opposed to digging around in my attic for a wedding announcement) to make sure when the exact date was. Maybe if my husband and I'd gotten married online (I'm sure people do that now), we'd do a better job of keeping our facts straight.

So here I am, with a year of blogging under my belt. I had all sorts of plans to write a moving, profound yet witty, perhaps profoundly witty entry about blogging and self-expression and community and sanity. However, I'm too whupped. Between chores and trying to keep Will entertained without actually having to entertain him, all followed by a trip to the pool, well, my well has run dry.

So this entry is being made just so I wouldn't miss the opportunity to note the day. If you're reading this, thanks for taking the time. If you're not reading this--well, I don't even get that. If you're reading this and we've never met, but still somehow it seems like we're friends, I say that's the beauty of this enterprise, isn't it? That's what I meant to write about today, about these online neighborhoods we're making. And how cool it is that so many women are writing about our everyday lives as if they mattered.

Which, of course, they do.


Heather said...

Happy Anniversary to you! Your post turned out profoundly witty anyway. But you already know that. Cheers!

Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary. Even when you're exhausted you express yourself with wit. I can't imagine how funny you IRL when your energy tanks are full! I think I'd have a sore belly from laughing so hard.

Congratulations on your milestone.