Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Howdy, Stranger!

My latest quilt--I made it for one of Jack's teachers, 
who's about to have a baby

I guess it's me who's the stranger. But let's get past that and onto other things.

I'm reading the best book right now. It's called The Wander Society by Keri Smith. Do you know her? She does all these fun, funky books like Wreck this Journal and How to Be an Explorer in the World, perfect gifts for your creative, artsy niece--or for yourself if you like to take walks and notice interesting things, draw and take notes.

The Wander Society is a bit different, but still delightful. Its conceit is that one day while she was out walking, Smith stumbled upon an old copy of Leaves of Grass. Inside she found notes about a mysterious organization called The Wander Society. Its patron saint was Walt Whitman of course, and its motto was Solivitur ambulando, or It is Solved by Walking.

Now between you and me, I believe Smith made the Wander Society up out of whole cloth, but that's part of the fun. For instance, in the list of famous walkers, she includes a woman named Alice P. Hobbs, a supposed activist and artist who disappeared in 2014, who is rumored to be one of the founders of the Wander Society. If you google Alice P. Hobbs, you will find a website with very little information as well as many references to Keri Smith's book. I suspect Alice P. Hobbs is also a figment of Smith's imagination. 

I love that Smith is using the both her book and the internet to create this interesting fiction, and I love that she has created a society that encourages people to go out and wander. I walk a lot, but would like to wander more.


My List of Things I would Like to Do This Summer

1. Wander more.

2. Study the crows in my neighborhood.

3. Spend more time with art.

4. Get rid of stuff!

5. Write on my blog!!!

6. Write letters.

7. Write in my journal.

8. Close my eyes and wish really hard that all the junk in the attic and garage would go away.

9. Cook more interesting things.

10. Meditate.


Today is Will's last day of school. In fact, he's out of school now and should be at the swimming pool with his friend Ashaank. It was raining this morning, but is now sunny and bright. Maybe that means he got an A on his Spanish exam. Signs and wonders, etc.

Jack's last exam is tomorrow. I suppose I should tell you that he got his driver's license. We are learning to live with this development. 


Do you make summer resolutions? Do you ever keep them?


Nancy McCarroll said...

Hello again. It is OK to take some time off. Now you can wander more and think. If you took a notebook on your wandering so, it might be a distraction, another obligation in which you would feel compelled to write, then resulting guilt. Maybe I am overthinking this.

Yikes, a new driver in the house. He is very responsible, so no worries there. Hugs.


Gumbo Lily said...

I really love Thoreau and his book, Walden or Life in the Woods. It's a wandering book too. I'm a walker and sometimes a wanderer. I'd like to wander more too. The Wander Society sounds like a book I'd like to read.

Love the quilt! Is it a string quilt? I love those. Fun to do and fun to look at.

magsmcc said...

Why is the attic not on this list? Have you cleared it already? I do hope not. Your attic is to me a source of enduring encouragement. Howdy, and great love from here x

Pom Pom said...

The quilt is EXTRA lovely, Frances!
It's so nice to see you!

Kit said...

I like your list! I should do one. So good to see ya back. Happy Summer! :) Kit

GretchenJoanna said...

So nice to see "Write on my blog!" on your list. Because I will love reading it.

I seem to let the children make my plans the last few summers, and this one has more of that going on than ever. When I'm not taking care of grandchildren in one place or another, I will putter about the garden. :-)

That is a beautiful quilt. She must be a worthy teacher for sure!

Tracy said...

Hello stranger! I was starting to miss you immensely.

Your quilt is, of course, absolutely stunning. I think I'm a little jealous. You're on summer holidays and we are but half way through the school year and heading into a winter that has begun at 1C for a morning temperature. Be still my happy heart.

Your Will must be growing like a weed. Jack is probably looking close to done, but Will is a tad behind my Mr Busy, and Mr Busy is t-a-l-l! I look forward to hearing summer stories or wandering and attic cleaning. Or at least attic pondering.

Tracy said...

Of course, your quilt is stunning.

I always seem to have a list for the school holidays. And then I ignore the list completely, in favour of slovenly "I just don't want to do a thing" kind of thinking. The complete antithesis of the school term.

It's so good to hear from you again. I have dearly missed your little missives and hearing what you and your family are up to.

Marko said...

I love this book too. I just Googled alice p hobbs and found your website. Thank you for your post