Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hello, It's Me

My latest quilt top. I made up the design myself. Did you guess?

Sorry for the long pause. I'd check in more often, but I seem to be writing three different books at the same time. This is funner than it sounds, but just as chaotic as it sounds. I'm at different stages with each book, and they're three very different kinds of books. But they have consumed my time and my head.

Yes, my head has been consumed! It's not a pretty picture.

Right now I'm feeling a little discombobulated. It happens a lot this time of year. It's very centering for me to come back here and touch base with you. This has always been true, for the almost-nine years that I've been blogging. Nine years! Almost!

So, some updates:

In early February I had a party. A friend of mine has started selling non-toxic beauty products through home parties, and she asked if I would throw one. I could not say no, though every fiber of my being begged me to.

But you know what? It was fun. I ended up inviting a bunch of the 7th grade moms that I know (my friend is a 7th grade mom) from Our Fine School, and I think we had fifteen or sixteen people in all. We had such a wonderful time talking and catching up that the sales talk didn't start until almost two hours after the party started.

Having a party made me think that I would like to have more parties, even though I hate having parties. Because I actually love having parties. I just hate the idea of having parties.

You can see why my head has been so easily consumed.

It is Our Fine School's spring break, so Jack and the Man have gone off to visit some colleges. I have a child who's old enough to go college-visiting! Will and I are lazing about the house. Well, I'm writing and Will is lazing. Travis is Travising. We're all very relaxed and eating lots of potato chips.

Will is playing baseball for the Our Fine School's JV team. I fear his coaches want him to pitch. Talk to the moms of any baseball pitchers you know and they will tell you it's a heart-attack sort of life. Very stressful. For the moms, not the pitchers. The pitchers love pitching. They'll risk being the goat for the chance to be the the star.

I don't get pitchers.

This morning when I was out walking Travis, I was thinking that I needed to get a little more spiritual. I'm going to church, doing Sunday school, participating and all that, but that doesn't always mean I'm feeling the spirit.

Then I turned the corner onto my street and lo and behold, there were masses of Jehovah's Witnesses floating toward me. They show up every couple of months and are the nicest crazy people you've ever met. They were coming toward me in pairs, the men in suits and ties, the women in dresses, and one pair would split off and go up this driveway, and another pair would split off and go up that driveway. It was like a ballet of Witnesses. And while I do not intend to convert, there was something lovely about all these nice crazy people floating down my street to tell us that God loves us and that we are doomed.

So that's it for now. You are loved, but I don't think you're doomed. Hang in there! I shall return!


Nancy McCarroll said...

Glad to see you back and here you have been partying. And writing books. It sounds like you have reason to be a bit distracted, but come back to your blog occasionally, ok?

magsmcc said...

Did you sing your title to Adele? I do hope so. Maybe we should be more balletic in our faith. Though I can't imagine Patrick balleting up a hill around here. I love the idea of having a party, and I love setting up a party, but an hour after everyone arrives I just want them to go home so I can sit quietly in a corner and drink tea... I am so glad you are here x

Pom Pom said...

Three books? Woot! Woot! I'm excited! Spring break should be lazy and chips should be eaten! You're a genius!
Parties ARE nice but cleaning and prepping make make me funny in the head. I know it's worth it.
Big love coming your way, dearest Frances!

Jo said...

I think if you are feeling discombobulated then at least you get to enjoy using the word discombobulated and start to feel a little secret joy at the introduction of such a delicious word into a piece of writing...

I, too am beginning to feel the stirring of a tiny tendril of longing for a little more spiritual connectedness in my life. It will probably just have to wait awhile though, until I have moved house and can think again.. or maybe it will not wait for my convenience and keep growing quietly while I am not looking..

Gumbo Lily said...

You're very busy in your mind. That would be hard for me. Exhausting. But for you, it is probably exhilarating, right? Wonderful for you.

A party! Fun. I'm not so into parties either, but when I have one or go to one, I think, "Why don't we do this more often? Without selling stuff?"

I can hardly believe you and your son are looking at colleges. Where did the time go?

Tracy said...

The last time I hosted a party plan sales thing the sales person was very unhappy. Only three people came. I vowed never to torture myself that way again. Happy to go to someone else's though. Glad you had such a great time!!!

We are but one short week away from Easter and first term school holidays. I am limping to the end and ready to crash in a heap at the finish line. I would love it if dh would take one or more children away and leave me in the house all by myself. My introvertedness comes screaming out when I work full time. I had forgotten this, since it has been 20 years since I last worked full time. But now I remember. I need space with silence and no people. And these days I have house full of big people and lots of noise.

I need a holiday from all that.

Kit said...

You had me laughing out loud at the doomed part! I envy you your ability to throw a party. I can throw them, but only for my immediate family. You have a wonderful Easter! And make sure you come back. :) Kit

magsmcc said...

I've just come back to tell you that the script for BBC's recent adaptation of Le Carre's The Night Manager uses the word "discombobulated" in the final scene. Worth watching for that alone, although actually, if you can stand some naughtiness, it is a very gripping watch.