Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Big Declutter: Day Two

This is the quilt I made for Our Fine Lower School's Director. This was our ninth and last year at the Lower School, and we both got a little bit weepy when I gave her the quilt.

So, no decluttering pix today, but I did want to report on my most recent progress. Yesterday I took a big bunch of clothes, blankets and old briefcases/computer bags to the Durham Rescue Mission store. Didn't make it to the library to donate books, because Will was being a pill (which I will discuss in a moment).

This morning I posted two offers to my Freecycle group--the yarn and the fabric scraps. I think I'm just going to do two things at a time, so it won't get confusing arranging pick-ups.

So my other goal for today is to organize our school supplies. Here's what happens every year: the boys get a list of school supplies they just have to have. Some of these supplies actually get used, others sit untouched in their desks/lockers/backpacks for nine months. At the end of the school year, they're brought home and dumped into closets and dark corners. Then, the following August, we get the new lists and go out and buy all new stuff because we can't find the stuff that got dumped in the dark corners.

But no more! I've been seeking out all our school supplies, including notebooks with only a few pages written on, perfectly good if slightly used pencils, many, many boxes of unused markers, and at least five pencil boxes, and thrown them into a box in my study. Today I'm going to organize the supplies and make a place for them in my study closet, which from now on will be considered our school supply store. I am sure to save millions of dollars in school supplies in the coming years.

This is the quilt I made for the administrative assistant at
 Our Fine Lower School.

Okay, so Will. Will, like me, gets funky in the summer. Really, I think he gets depressed. He's out of his routine, he doesn't get as much exercise as he's used to, and he doesn't always see his friends on a regular basis, because of vacations, camps, etc.

I think part of Will's problem is that he's an introvert. From my own experience as an introvert,  I know that getting the right balance between alone time and social time is difficult. You're a little bit resistant to making plans because you can't predict when you're going to feel like socializing and when you're going to feel like hanging out reading or doing a project on your own. But when you don't make plans, you often find yourself sitting at home feeling lonely and at loose ends.

This has been going on for years, and I keep waiting for Will to grow out of it. But last night I had a Big, Huge Revelation: he's not going to (me, either). And Big, Huge Revelation No. 2: This child needs more scheduled activities in his life.

Oh, I just hate that! It means more driving and more places to be. And Will hates it, too. He hates the idea of going to camp, and usually I don't make him. But last night I realized I have to make him. Our Fine School has half-day camps, and I'm going to have to bite the bullet, take a hit for the team, insert your own violent metaphor here, and sign him up. He's going to fuss and fight, but I'll sign him up for sports camps so he can run around and get tired, and then in the afternoon we'll go to the pool. My plan is to sign him up for a camp every other week. It's going to cost me a bundle.

Here's the thing: there's a lot of depression on my side of the family, and I worry that Will has inherited the gene. It's not bipolar, and it's not severe. Both my brothers and I have it, and none of us is medicated (not even self-medicated, though there's a lot of that in my family, too). The older I get, the fewer episodes I have, and this winter I was saved by my S.A.D. lamp.

When you have the kind of depression my family has--mild to moderate episodic depression--the best things to do are exercise, eat lots of protein, and spend time with friends. So I'm off to make Will a strawberry smoothie and schedule the rest of his summer.

More tomorrow!

P.S. The NIA class I took yesterday was great! Pom Pom, you'll be glad to hear that people didn't seem overly-territorial about their spots. Lots of dancing, a little bit of martial arts moves. I kept up as best I could, had loads of fun, and was wiped out for the rest of the day!


magsmcc said...

You are a wise woman, and because of that the boy will survive. Sleep, food, exercise/stimulation- that's pretty much the blueprint for us all? Bon courage x

Angela said...

Beautiful quilt. No wonder there was weepiness!!
I DO understand your parental angst [esp the bit about depression in the family] Hames 1;5 is a great comfort an dhelp to me at moments like this.
My word verification today is William - which is clearly significant! love and prayers, and many blessings to you all xx

Heather said...

Beautiful quilts!

My daughter gets strange in the summer, too. She gets cabin fever and wants to go somewhere every day, but she doesn't want to hang out with her friends. My son and I are more content staying at home, nesting. She will get depressed/aggravated in the summer if she is not stimulated enough. At 17 she is still depending on me to set the tone for her days. I am hoping she can find a job this summer to keep her active.

It is hard to be a mom sometimes, feeling like it is our responsibility to keep everyone active and happy. Summer camp seems like it would be great for your son. From one mom to another, I wish you luck.

Congratulations on learning how to save millions of dollars, too! Now if only our school districts could be so smart.

Pom Pom said...

Yay for the class! I'm glad it is FUN! The funny thing about the "spots" is that when our daughter Kelli went with me, her attitude was, "Who cares? They don't own the spots!" but my attitude was, "Don't hate me because I don't know which spot is a no no!" SO dumb, but real.

wayside wanderer said...

You are a gem, Frances, and your love language must be quilt making. Those are a beautiful works of art and what a blessing and encouragement you must be to those two directors!!!

Your epiphany is so good about Will. God is so good to give us moms some direction and guidance~! I hope Will has a great summer and you, too!

Tracy said...

Oh my those quilts are just gorgeous. I would feel weepy if someone as gorgeous as you spent her time creating something like that for me. Just stunning.

I think if I had to endure 11 long weeks of summer I'd be signing my kids up for stuff. Six weeks just about sees us ready to head on back. I think 11 weeks would send us into beyond-ready-insanity!