Monday, June 10, 2013

And so the summer begins ... And so does the decluttering!

My lovely, organized study closet

It's a rainy Monday morning. We've had a lot of rain lately, and I wish it would stop. The children are starting to grow mushrooms behind their ears.

So on Saturday I got to work on my study closet. Now I'm kicking myself for not taking a "before" picture, because it looks so dramatically different now. My pledge to you: I will take "before" pictures on the rest of my decluttering projects, even if means exposing the shame of my bedroom closet, a virtual den of dust bunnies.

Here is my study, after the purging of said closet:

Click on it if you want to see the true extent of the mess. Sigh.
My plan for this week is to post every day--yes, every day!--to report on my decluttering progress. This of course is to spur me on, to keep me focused, to keep my eye on the prize--and to make you feel better about the relatively uncluttered nature of your own home (or, conversely, to inspire you if you need decluttering inspiration).

Right now, I've got three piles going: 1) Stuff for Freecycle; 2) Stuff for recycle; and 3) stuff for the Durham Rescue Mission. My Freecycle piles are actually boxes, and the boxes I've got going are 1) The Big Box of Yarn I'll Never Use Again (some of it very nice yarn indeed, but it's just taking up space); 2) The Big Box of Fabric Scraps that I Just Don't Have the Energy to Sort and Sewing Notions I Never Use; and 3) The Big Box of Activity Books and Coloring Books that Only Got Used a Little Bit. What I love about Freecycle is you can give away stuff that's been used a little bit.

Next up: Comforters and Linens that We No Longer Use or Care For, and Clothes that Are Nice But Really Don't Fit.

Oh, and there's the box of ten year's worth of Martha Stewart Living November and December issues. I always think I'm going to sit down and leaf through them for ideas, but I never do.


In a little bit I'm going over to the gym to try a NIA class. I really have no idea what NIA is, but here's how it's described:

Neuro-muscular Integrative Action is a holistic, sensory-based movement practice that combines the spirited energy of Jazz, modern dance and improvisational movement with the power and precision of the martial arts, along with the flexibility, balance and sensory awareness of Yoga, Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique. All levels of fitness welcome.

I'm a little concerned about the improvisational movement part, but the rest sounds sort of fun.  I've decided I'm going to do more classes as the gym this summer, for a change of pace. Also, I sometimes get in a summer funk, and exercise is a good way to combat it.


Okay, more tomorrow. I hope I'll be able to report to you that I took clothes and comforters over to the Durham Rescue Mission and donation books to the library. If not, then I'm sure I'll have a fabulous story of why I failed in the attempt.


Everyday Life On A Shoestring said...

I'm with you all the way on the decluttering! I'm trying to get on top of our clutter through blogging accountability too. I'm trying to get lots done before our six week summer break in July/Aug, so that I don't set myself up for my annual "I really am going to get the house sorted this summer" fail.

Pom Pom said...

Go, Frances, go! You'll inspire us all!
I hope the class is fun! To be honest, my experience with Jazzercise last summer was negative. The ladies were very territorial about their spots. My part-people pleasing, part-shy nature didn't like it. So I still get a delicious "I got away with quitting" feeling when I think about not having to go this summer.
You're right though. Exercise beats the cloud of dreary that sometimes comes with summer days.
I'm glad you'll post every day about the clear out! Oh, praying for that rain to go away!

wayside wanderer said...

Way to go! Love that orderly closet and I think posting everyday is a great idea. You are inspiring me.

I think improvisational movement must be a fancy term for how I walk. I am not graceful. You are brave to try new things.

Thanks for the EPeterson title recommendations. I for sure want to read more and I didn't know about the autobio. I'm dying to go to Half Price Books very soon (which is really the last thing I need to be doing...oh well)!!!

magsmcc said...

Oh clothes that don't fit. I hope you're talking about boys' clothes that don't fit. In this house they are all mine! I am inspired mightily. Even just at the idea of reading you everyday. Can we have a close-up of the dolls' house, decluttered or not?! Have no comment on exercise. I don't actually believe in it. Ergo it doesn't exist.

Angela said...

Oh I am so glad I am not the only one with stacks of Martha Stewart Magazines. I subscribed for years, until they started selling it over here [once we got 'Borders'] then all the Borders stores closed/MS was in prison...and I stopped. But I have kept the magazines in case. Will they EVER be worth anything do you think? or should I just put them in with the paper recycling?

Heather said...

I have a corner of my closet containing November/December magazines of all types. Even when I go through them, I always seem to celebrate the holidays the same way I always do. I should just toss them.

Jo said...

I LOVE your study. It has beautiful bones, lovely furniture, wonderful light. When it is decluttered you'll be over the moon, and never want to leave the room ever again (I wouldn't, anyway..)

Nancy McCarroll said...

Very ambitious of you for both the due cluttering AND for getting yourself into the movement class.

Cute about the kids growing mushrooms behind their ears.

Gumbo Lily said...

You're my champion! Blogging every day about your decluttering progress (or excuses) will spur you on and give me hope. The office which I am currently sitting in is very messy, but it's hubby's mess. I need to somehow inspire him to demessify it. I'll be checking in on you.

I, too, have magazines that I think I will get inspiration from for the holidays, but never do. Out they go!