Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well. I had not meant to be gone so long, but Christmas took me in its glittery teeth and chewed me to bits, the way it does every year. I'm happy to report that a fine Christmas was had by all, in spite of a bug that knocked us down like dominoes, starting with Will. Jack didn't even open presents on Christmas day, which was a sadness, as he is Christmas's biggest fan. But my parents came and made it feel like a party, even when the Man spent most of Christmas Eve upstairs taking a long winter's nap. It's surprising what fine feelings I have about this Christmas, given our collective, icky state, but really, it was lovely.

Right now I'm taking a break from breaking up Christmas. The tree has been de-ornamented and hauled outside, the ornament boxes have been brought down from the attic. We're about two-thirds done and might even finish up tonight, if we can only muster the energy.

Today: a waffle and champagne brunch at the neighbors' house down the street. I saw many of my neighbors who I haven't seen since the last waffle and champagne brunch. Mostly I talked with my friend Katherine, who agrees with me that something must be done with all the plastic bags in our lives and 2013 is the year we're going to learn how to knit totes out of them.

My New Year's Resolutions are the same as always--improve my posture and lose ten pounds. I lost eight pounds in 2012, but I still slouch. If I lose ten pounds in 2013, I will be five pounds away from my lifetime goal (which is not all that low).

If this year has any sort of focus, I am hoping it will be on living frugally. At the brunch today, Katherine and I were talking about wanting to buy more of our clothes secondhand, and later the Man said he wants to try that too. This surprised me, as the Man, while not a fashion plate, is a spiffy dresser. No frayed collars or droopy hems for him. He's all crisp lines and good fit. Me, I'm sort of droopy, but I'm trying to get better.


I got braces three weeks ago today. Here's how they look:

They are quite goofy, although my friends are being sweet and saying, no, no, why they're not goofy at all. But they are. And they make eating much less fun. The good news is, I've lost two pounds since I've had them.


I got plenty of neat things for Christmas, but one of my favorites is a box of old community cookbooks from around the state. I will be especially interested in trying out recipes for deviled eggs and pimento cheese, two of my favorite food groups. Do you have a deviled egg recipe? Send it to me if you do! Right now mine is quite simple: mayo, a dab of mustard, cider vinegar and salt. But I'm looking to expand.


One of my goals for 2013: to post more often! Life has been crowded these past few months, but I'm always so happy to have a record of my days, and more importantly, it makes me happy to be among my friends out here in the Interwebs. I hope this is a marvelous year for you and yours, filled with joy and blessings. Happy New Year!


wayside wanderer said...

Well, I think you DO look adorable in your braces and I am glad that is a decision you have out of the way. And now I think I need some if they will help me loose weight.

You make me want to have a breakfast for my neighbors. I don't many of them and they are not particularly friendly. Hmmm...I will think on that one.

I buy most of my clothes 2nd hand. I think it is fun. I look forward to your bag-knitting. Please post more on that.

I hope you are all on the mend!

Pom Pom said...

I like your braces and you'll be so glad you had them. I still wear my retainer in celebration of my straight teeth that I've only had about 15 years or so.
I'm so sorry you guys were sick at Christmas. Boo! I think Mags had the bug at her house, too.
I'm happy happy happy that you're going to post more!

Tracy said...

Hmmm maybe I need braces if they are such a good weight loss tool! Yours do not look as goofy as you think they are and your teeth will br brilliant before you know it.

I think when I've done devilled eggs my recipe has been pretty much like yours. They might be untrendy now but I still like them.

Oh...and well done losing the just-over-8-pounds. I'm thinking that since I out 5kg on each year for agout 3 years that it would be ok to lose 5kg a year for 3 years. By the end of my degree I'll be back to what I was 5 years ago.

Happy new year - I miss my bloggy friends when I'm not posting so much too!

Heather said...

You look fine with the braces, don't put any energy into thinking you look "goofy".

Frugality is on my list for the new year, too. I feel like a lot of the money we spent last year wasn't necessary. I'm a total "buyer's remorse" kind of person.

I love community cookbooks, too. Some of my best recipes have come from those books.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Gumbo Lily said...

The icky-sick bug was the nasty Christmas visitor this year here too. Our family next door all came down with it and stayed locked up in their house away from the rest of us who celebrated and feasted without them. So far, we've not been ill.

I think you look cute in your braces, but then you'd look cute with a burlap bag tied around around you! Do you have a hard time saying your S's?

Those community cookbooks are always the best. They tend to have "recipes" or instructions or histories on doing other things besides cooking. Deviled eggs sound really good to me right now. Your recipe sounds very similar to mine.

Happy New Year, Frances!

Angela said...

No, you don't look goofy! [just slimmer!!]

new year blessings xx

magsmcc said...

Happy New Year, Frances- keep up that smile and all will be well with your world! How long with the braces? It seems to be quite the thing with adults now! I suspect that the next big dental step for me is when they all fall out. Quite soon given the amount of fudge that I have consumed over the festive period...

Jo said...

Frances, when I got braces a couple of years ago, I thought I would be the only person over 16 with braces in the entire world, but adult 'bracers' are everywhere now. You should know that you are right on trend.
I think there are quite a number of us becoming part of the thrift trend too. Maybe we should start a club...

debbie bailey said...

You look like a cute pixie, so smile away! I've missed your posts. I, too, have been very remiss about posting (not that anyone has noticed) sniff, sniff...