Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Report

Travis, a delicate flower in his own right

It's Friday afternoon, or, more to the point, early evening (5:25). Outside the trees and the roads and the sidewalks are slick with ice after a lovely afternoon storm that sent down sheets of sleet. Fortunately, the storm seems to have passed, and with any luck it will warm up enough tomorrow to melt the mess away. Nonetheless, I rescheduled my 10 a.m. hair appointment, because who are we kidding? I am a southern weenie who spent four years in Massachusetts refusing to drive in snow. I do not get in my car if there's the chance I might skid four or five inches on a slick spot. I refuse.


My efforts to purge continue ... and I have found the most wonderful way to get rid of stuff! Have you ever heard of freecycling? This is where you offer stuff you don't need anymore to an online group (to find one near you, go here), and if someone wants it, they email you and you arrange to leave it out for them to pick up. All sorts of things are offered on the Freecycle Durham listserv, including, today, an opened box of Celestial Seasons herbal tea. Which, by the way, got claimed almost immediately!

The great thing about freecycling is you can say, "Listen, I've got a big box of Legos and Duplos and what-have-you-o's, and they're all in a big jumble and I don't have any sort of instructions for putting them together and at some point my then-four year old drew on most of them with magic markers; do you want 'em?" And as far as I can tell, someone always wants them.

Yesterday, I decided to put my toe in. I'd joined our local freecycle group a couple of weeks ago and had been standing on the sidelines, seeing how it all worked. And then yesterday, vacuuming the Man's study, I noticed the bag of fancy deluxe gourmet dog treats my mother-in-law gave Travis for Christmas. Now, it was lovely of her to think of him, but the fact is, Travis does best on a simple diet. If you get too fancy on him, his stomach rebels and then there you are, googling "how to keep dog vomit from staining your carpet."

So I decided to freecycle the doggie treats--and, Reader, it worked! I posted my offer around 4 p.m., and by 7 p.m. I had two takers. I emailed the first responder and we made arrangements for the pick-up. Then I put the treats in a Target bag and hung them from the rosemary bush by my mailbox. This afternoon I received an email that the responder had in fact picked them (I haven't ventured outside since the ice started falling at 2, so I had no idea). Done deal!

Freecycling, my friends, is going to be the answer to my attic prayers. All those doods and dads I would never take to Good Will because what on earth would Good Will do with them? Freecycle! The box of craft supplies (including four HUGE jars of glitter) from when I used to teach Sunday school? Freecycle!

It makes me happy that someone came up with this great idea--Freecycle!--and that it works and that we can find new homes for our old stuff. And it reminds me that stuff I might not find valuable (HUGE jars of glitter) might come in very handy to someone else. It's good to ask, right?

Have a great weekend! Stay warm! Or cool!


Pom Pom said...

Freecycle is a GREAT idea, I agree!
Yikes! What's with all the ice? Our weather is wacky!
Travis is looking sleek and lovely. I like him.

Tracy said...

How cool - people will come and pick the stuff up. I love it. I have a friend who takes all our 2nd hand kid clothes. Since we both work at school I chuck everything in my boot, take it to school and then chuck it hers. Everything else I am ignoring!!!!

Travis is a cute boy, even for this non-doggy person. He looks like he has heaps of personality.

Jo said...

Ha, I have tried to sign up to Freecycle twice, and once I forgot my sign in details, and the second time I couln't quite work out how to navigate it.

I am a bit challenged with computers, but I do agree, it seems like a fab idea. I'm so glad you have found a way to part with your things meaningfully. It is so nice to pass things on to people who really appreciate them.

Ali said...

I love freecycle - we changed our mattress recently and I wasn't sure how to dispose of the old one. It was too good to just toss, but we couldn't use/store it. Freecycle to the rescue. It seems someone always wants what you've got.

Angela said...

Oh it IS a good thing you are the other side of the pond. I am sure I could use some large pots of glitter at Holiday Club.
We freecycled an old Yamaha Keyboard, and some time later I met the recipient again [a pupil in a school where I taught for a day] She remembered me and said how much she was enjoying making music. So VERY satisfying to hear that!

blessings [and please don't slip over] x

wayside wanderer said...

Winter. Who needs it? But Freecycle, I LOVE it. I have gotten rid of half my belongings that way and they come to you. It's awesome. I've even gotten a few cool things, but I don't do that very often. I was just thinking how Travis was too pretty for his name when I read your comment under the picture. I laughed out loud. I guess he must have to bear the beauty burden. :)

GretchenJoanna said...

I love Freecycle, too, and have used it a LOT. Things that I just know will get ruined in transit to the thrift store, or that the "right person" won't find there, I can target more precisely on Freecycle.

One of the most wonderful things we got rid of was a giant basketball hoop on a pole that we had no way to GET to the Goodwill, but the mayor of our city wanted one for his son, and balked at the huge cost of a new one, so he was more than happy to find a truck and come get it. So many good stories....

Gumbo Lily said...

I don't blame you for not venturing out on ICE. We're pleasantly warm here today and yet after the weekend, there is snow in the forecast.

Freecycle sounds so cool, although I doubt anyone will be driving out to the boonies to find my Legos sitting on the front porch for them. Still, I love this idea. I'm so happy for you!

My best way to get rid of things is our own private dump!


debbie bailey said...

I've Freecycled several things and gotten a few things from it. I always arrange to meet at the town library since everyone knows where that is. Your dog is adorable!

When it warms up some, I look forward to hearing your 'Attic Stories'.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

That is great. I think they have something similar in England, but I haven't tried it before.

Heather said...

It doesn't snow where I am, but when the wind gets really strong, I don't like to drive on the freeway in it. Wrestling with the steering wheel and having to worry about the big rigs is not fun.

magsmcc said...

We have it too! It is a wonderful thing x Not that it seems to have helped me much- we did get the spare room all cleared our for Charlotte the Church Worker, but now it's all just sitting on the landing. Mind you, I'll bet lots of folk would like a child's drum kit or a complete set of Michael Palin...

The dB family said...

How dumb of me! I forgot to say how beautiful your quilt is in the latter post. I love red and white together. It's so fresh and bright!

We don't have a freecycle group here. I think it sounds GREAT though!