Thursday, July 19, 2012

Latest quilt top--July has been good for my quilty life!

A couple of weeks ago we had a string of very hot days--100+ degrees, a few days where the thermometer hit 105 and 106. Not pleasant, to say the least, but there has been a payoff. Now that we're back in the mid-90s, normal for these parts this time of year, well, it feels downright cool. What a difference ten degrees makes!

Yesterday Will and I spent three hours working on a paint-by-numbers painting, and we are both quite proud of the results. We also began our Harry Potter marathon, watching movies no. 1 and 2. Later, Will got stung by a yellow jacket when he was outside playing basketball. Having been stung a couple of times myself, I felt terrible for him, but I have to say it's nice to have a child who's still young enough to comfort with hugs and kisses.

Yesterday Jack, to nobody's surprise, slept until 2. Given that he appears to be growing an inch a week, I assume that all this sleep is necessary. Sometimes I try to get him to get up earlier, but really I don't have the heart for it. He's so cheerful after thirteen hours of sleep! As pleasant as can be. Does his chores without complaint, socializes with the family, spends long stretches of time reading real books and petting the dog. Do I really want to mess with that?

No. No I don't. School will mess with it soon enough.

Class rosters came out yesterday. Will is back with his best buddies, Gavin and Win. Much rejoicing was heard, the phone rang off the hook, and Will kept fist pumping the air every time he thought of it. Victory! Whether or not any learning will take place with this triumvirate in the same classroom remains to be seen.

Poor Jack. After an amazing 7th grade advisory, his eighth grade group looks a bit rag tag. The girls are wonderful, but the boys? Meh. One of them's a nice kid we've known for ages, though I don't think he and Jack are great friends. The other three boys? Bottom of the barrel. But I told Jack that you never know. Middle school is a time where great changes occur over the course of the summer. He may be surprised that some of the bozos have grown into good guys. It could happen.

My gut is still cranky, and I'm still waiting to hear back about the lab results, which I hope will come in today or tomorrow. It's not so bad, existing on chicken noodle soup, toast and yogurt pretzels. It certainly simplifies things. And it's fun to think about the food I'll eat when I get better again. Tomatoes! Pizza! More pizza! Salad! Fruit! Oh, my goodness. Did I mention pizza?

Okay, well, my lack of coffee is kicking in, and suddenly I feel like a nap. Given that it's only 10:30 in the morning, maybe I'll do the dishes instead. Hope all is well with you!


wayside wanderer said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. I hope it is something not to serious and easy to remedy. Love, love, love your pretty quilt!!!!

Angela said...

hoping you are feeling better soon
that quilt is wonderful

blessings xx

Gumbo Lily said...

Beautiful quilty time! Quilts take a lot of stamina, I think. Well done!

I hope you get to feeling better very soon. I would hate to have a tummy problem right in the thick of tomato season.


Heather said...

Beautiful quilt. That's a lot of work! I hate it when my kids get into classes with the "bozo" kids. Hopefully you are right and they have matured over the summer. Feel better soon.

Pom Pom said...

LOVE the quilt, Frances!
Dang! I wish your tummy wasn't so turbulent. Saying a prayer right now!
Class lists. Hmmmm. I remember the highs, the lows, the separation from best friends. I sure hope it all turns out okay.
At school, I eat lunch at 10:30! So silly! At home, I take the cushiest naps. How will I survive? I am so glad you let your kids sleep.
It is so nice to read your good words, Frances. Thank you for posting.

Tracy said...

That quilt looks like the perfect autumn evening quilt. I sit under a quilt in the evenings when I watch TV ... that one looks super cosy.

Our classes are very predictable, especially through secondary school. We have one class at each year level with our Primary school prefering 'composites'. The greatest question to be answered is who your class teacher will be - a choice of two at most. If there are bozos you just have to deal with them cos you'll be together until the end of Yr12! I hope Jack's year surprises him in wonderful ways.

And I hope your tummy is feeling better quickly. It's awful when your body gives out on you and you're well enough to long for things you'd can't have (or do).

magsmcc said...

I started in a while ago, catching up with Ang's blog, and thought I'd quickly nip over to you- what? You're sick and can't feed me pizza. Well. Time to go hang out MORE holiday washing then. Is it not a highly acknowedged fact that the brains of boys shut down. Completely, utterly, to enable them to cope with puberty? Does he not really, honestly need all this sleep to protect his future and your present sanity? Oh I can't wait for the first morning when boys sleep until anytime after 6.30am...