Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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 I am decaffeinated. Have you ever been decaffeinated? Maybe you've never caffeinated yourself in the first place. Neither of my brothers drink coffee, and I find that strange. How did they get through their college exams?

I started drinking coffee my freshman year and have been a devoted imbiber ever sense. I don't drink a lot--two mugs a day, plenty of half and half--and can't have any after 5 p.m. or else I'm up all night. I drank coffee through both of my pregnancies, even though it didn't taste quite right. But nothing tasted quite right when I was pregnant.

Last week, when I went to see my doctor about my cranky gut, he said I had to give up coffee for the time being. My stomach is inflamed (we don't know why) and coffee is just turning the heat up higher.

I assumed I'd go through a day or two of feeling sort of sleepy, and then I'd feel fine. Instead, it's like I've been sleepwalking for a week. Today is the first day I've felt myself again, and I'm pretty sure it's because I had a cup of black tea with my toast this morning.

The question is, when my stomach calms down again, will I go back to coffee? I had assumed I would. But now that I've gotten over the worst of it, I wonder. I'm going to monitor myself for the next week and see how I feel. Do I sleep better? Does my morning anxiety drop off? Am I calmer? Smarter? Prettier?

I'll keep you posted.


After much consideration, I'm fairly sure I'm going to get braces this fall. My dentist feels like it will improve my overall dental health and help me keep my own teeth for years to come. I think it's a good idea, though I'm not looking forward to everyone calling me "brace face" and "metal mouth" for the next 18+ months.

The funny thing is, I think I'll miss my old mouth. I have an overbite, a crooked tooth, and a big gap in between two bottom teeth. Nobody notices the gap until I point it out, but it bugs me. Still, it's mine, and it's a part of my smile, just like the overbite and the crooked tooth. I've had this mouth forever. Will I still be me when my overbite is gone and my teeth are straight and gap-free?

Or will I be Julia Roberts? I might be Julia Roberts. And I really don't want to deal with the paparazzi. Would you?


I'm still waiting for the summer to fall into a routine. So far it hasn't. Maybe it won't. Maybe the lack of routine will be the summer routine. I always imagine my summers will be one way, and they're almost always another. You'd think I'd learn.


The dB family said...

My summers never turn out the way I expect/hope/plan either. I'm just glad it's summer!

Coffee is a conundrum for me. I love it a little too much these days to even consider giving it up. Good for you for being able to give it up!

Happy summer :o)!

Ali said...

I've been having a bit of an odd tummy of late too and THOUGHT about giving up coffee, but decided I couldn't bear it. I have one decent cup a day and tend to stick to tea the rest of the time.

The braces thing, I covered as a teenager. Though one of the school gate Mummies has just had some put on - hers are white though and really not too noticeable on her teeth. But I will miss her gap when it is done.

Pom Pom said...

I hope you continue with your decaffeination. I really don't like the coffee part as much as the half and half. I gave it up once (yes, because of a really bad stomach thing we couldn't figure out) and I did take delicious naps during that time.
I'm glad about your braces. I had the clear ones and people really didn't even notice much.
Summers are usually a surprise, you're right. How's your garden? Are you going to the pool much?

Heather said...

My daughter had her braces on for 18 months and the time flew by. My husband has crooked teeth and I cannot imagine him without them, so I know what you mean about liking your teeth the way they are. If you are having problems though, it is probably better to try to fix them.

Gumbo Lily said...

I love my coffee -- black. So far, no tummy ache. I wonder if magnesium citrate would help? Supposed to be good for the gut among many other things.

Summer -- always unpredictable. I always have Big Plans for summer -- accomplishing something, but usually it just happens one day at a time and that works for me.

I had braces while I was a young girl, but the folks couldn't afford to keep me in them so I have fairly straight teeth with one tooth that stick out a wee bit. I've grown to like my teeth, imperfect as they are.


wayside wanderer said...

Oh gosh, no coffee? I am sorry about your tummy and I suppose I would give up coffee if it was exasperating a problem. But oh, that would be hard. Can you make up for it by eating more chocolate?

Tracy said...

I don't drink coffee - I don't like it. I love the smell of it but I don't think cream and lots of sugar are worthwhile habits in order for me to drink it. Such a shame - Dh owns a coffee company. He's starting to roast his own blends. Wish I liked the stuff! No, I'm a die-hard tea drinker I'm afraid.

We're just about to begin packing the car to head back home again after our mid-year winter holiday. *sigh* It's been lovely to be in a place where winter is nice and sunny and the temperature necessitates the wearing of shorts and t-shirts.

Back to Melbourne...where it's rainy and cold.

Susan said...

Viva la tea! My personal favorite is decaf Twinnings English Breakfast tea. Straightforward good black tea. My second choice: Twinnings decaf Lady Earl Gray. A certain NC friend introduced me to it. It's Earl Gray but a little on the feminine side. I feel like I'm reaching out to my lady friends when I brew a cup. When I want to feel healthy, Twinnings makes a good green tea. Since I was a teen, I've found Constant Comment to be soothing. A bit of spice but nothing crazy. I don't enjoy fruit teas at all, but I know friends who do.

Caffeine gives be ridiculous headaches. Artificial sweetners like Splenda do too. I avoid both at all costs. I try not to be holier than thou about it. It's truly self-preserving that they are nixed from my beverage roster.

Jo said...

I have never drunk coffee, don't like the taste, love the smell, so very happy to enjoy The Man's fresh ground beans of a morning. I am a black tea addict, though. I am trying to be healthy and go one herbal a day. Trying.

Good for you. Those pick-me-up habits are the hardest to break.

debbie bailey said...

Summer and routine don't go together. Forget about it and enjoy! You'll enjoy your new teeth once they're straight. We're highly adaptable creatures and can live with most anything good or bad.

debbie bailey said...

You mentioned your morning anxiety. If I don't take Vitamin D, I wake up dreading everything. I feel so much more cheerful when I take it regularly. Maybe that'd help?

Katy Sammons said...

I found you via my friend Debbie's blog... I had to give up coffee several months ago for the same reason, and my response was the same. In fact, I feel pretty groggy right now after only one cup of tea! I told my doctor I couldn't give up tea, and I've actually come to enjoy my morning tea habit (tea used to be for the afternoon), and I don't miss the coffee at all. In fact, when I try to drink a cup of decaf now and then I can't finish it. It's just too acidic for me. Now, I'm headed to make another cuppa!

GretchenJoanna said...

I love coffee, especially with some cocoa thrown in, but I don't drink it every day, and the days I do, my tummy is not as happy. Can you have cocoa? You could make it really dark, with not much milk or sugar...or, sometimes I make "black cocoa," that is, just cocoa powder and hot water. I think it is way easier on the digestive system, and it gives you some kick.

magsmcc said...

This is day one of being home from holiday. The holidays- solo mum mostly- really start tomorrow. Please tell me there's a routine. I am genuinely sorry you're ill. The first week of my holiday was wiped by third bout of mysterious thing in similiar department. Think I should also consult doctor. Not really wanting too. Anyway- give up the coffee, it would only stain the Julia teeth.