Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Odds and Ends

Some of the leaves Will and I found in our travels.
Photo credit: The Man.

What I meant to write: "Her skin was flecked with little pieces of grass."

What I accidentally wrote instead: "Her skin was flecked with little pieces of grace."


There were ten million things I was going to accomplish this morning, but here it is almost noon, and mostly I've been fooling around. I've been writing a picture book manuscript for no unearthly reason. I don't write picture books. But this morning I had an idea, so I started playing with it. It reminded me of writing a poem.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but I used to write poems. I have a graduate degree in poetry writing. I love poetry and poems, but for some reason, in my mid-twenties, I found it too hard to do anymore. I don't know why. I went to a therapist to talk about it. She said maybe I would write poems again later. Maybe there was something else I needed to be doing at that very moment. She said not to be too hard on myself.

She was a good therapist. Shortly after I finished my sessions with her, I started writing children's books, and that's worked out well for me.

But I miss writing poems. I miss polishing sentences and playing with words that way. So writing a very small story this morning was nice. It reminded me of the kind of fun I used to have writing poetry, minus the cigarettes.


Nothing going on this weekend. Nothing going on this weekend! And it's going to be a beautiful sixty-five degrees. I think I'll be taking some walks. And buying new walking shoes for the 5K I'm doing in a few weeks. I'll be sniffing the air a lot, and finishing up the sweater I'm knitting. And making spaghetti pie for Jack's youth group on Sunday. And reminding Jack to make pumpkin pie.


And who knows? Maybe I'll get an idea for a poem. It could happen.

What are you going to do?


Angela said...

Mostly polishing up my sermon for Sunday morning - but also I shall continue the Great Tidying-up in the hope I will find the lovely grey wool I have mislaid.
We have just had a barbecue- if two people grilling 5 sausages and a few tomatoes counts as a bbq. But the evening was unseasonably warm and bright, and it will soon be October...
I used to write poems. Not good ones for publishing. Just for myself. I enjoyed that. But I think I write better sermons than poems. Like you, I just love words- and I loved your grace/grass line.

weekend blessings x

Tracy said...

Speaking of polishing - I'm hoping to get to the point with two of my 3 essays that I can be in the 'polishing' phase. It's all about the words, isn't it?

I'd like to be 'flecked with grace'. You need to save that sentence up and use it somewhere.

This weekend....AFL grandfinal - we're having a household-only party apparently. I'm going shopping to avoid it all and enjoy the empty hallways of the shopping centre. My kind of shopping!

Otherwise...more of Mr Busy resting and recovering at home.

Gumbo Lily said...

I like the sentence, "Her skin was flecked with pieces of grace." The beginnings of a poem maybe?

We are working cows/calves and pregnancy testing this weekend.


debbie bailey said...

We're spending the weekend with our oldest son and his wife on the other side of the state. They'll be moving to Oklahoma in a few weeks for Army training. I'm soaking up as much as them as I can before they leave. Another son just moved to Philadelphia. All my children are moving away. I wonder if it's something I've done?

The dB family said...

I love that you write! I used to like to write -- oh nothing significant, but it was always a good feeling. These days I'm too tired to even think about writing. Enjoy your weekend! Pumpkin pie baking and apple pies too are on my agenda.


Danielle said...

Going camping with Erin and her Brownie troop. And looking out for little pieces of grace.

Thank you for the map idea and book.

wayside wanderer said...

When I read your last post I actually wondered if you were a poetess! And you ARE! I like to think I am intuitive. I am NOT a poet.

Today...I need to go shopping for some little black ballet flat type shoes. I've already had my quiet time, watched a swarm of swallows flying around the pond, had breakfast with my husband and had a visit from the Mary Kay rep. Oh is time for lunch!

magsmcc said...

I think you've got material for many poems in this one post- you should spend the next week teasing them out! I'm spending a lot of the weekend imagining my skin flecked with tiny pieces of grace. It's very nice!

Melissa E said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I was in my sewing room most of the day Sat (with a short break to chase some escaping chickens into the backyard), today more sewing and then the Pepper Festival in Pittsboro! The 5k sounds fun I am thinking of training for something of the sorts in the Spring!