Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Storm Warning

(My fiddle and its fabulous red case.)

I had big plans to go to the fiddle jam over at High Strung last night (per my New Year's resolution), but it got iced out. Like much of the Southeast (and now the Northeast), we've just had a lovely winter storm blow through. Not much accumulation here, but enough ice to get school canceled yesterday and delayed today.


It's a good time to think about spring gardening and cookouts and going to baseball games. It's a good time to get deeply involved in hobbies. Right now I'm working on one quilt, three pairs of socks, and a sweater. I practice my fiddle every night after dinner, and have been making homemade postcards (more on those later). I'm hoping to keep myself so busy and amused I'll forget to be miserable because the sidewalk is crusted with ice and the sun gives up around 4:45 and heads off to some place more interesting.


I've been thinking a lot lately about my old letter-writing days. I actually wrote a letter on Sunday, to my friend Kathryn in Alabama, who I'm always meaning to call. Early in the morning I think, 'Oh, let's call Kathryn today and have a nice chat.' Then I completely forget until around nine o'clock at night, which is eight o'clock at night in Alabama. Kathryn has three children; the oldest is 4, the youngest is not yet 1. Eight o'clock at night is a terrible time to call a person with three children under the age of 5. I resolve to call the next day, and the vicious cycle begins again.

It occurred to me on Sunday that I could write Kathryn a letter. As far as I'm aware, letters are still legal, although I'm expecting the Postal Service to go out of business any minute and that will be that. So I tore some blank pages out of a journal with paper that I especially like and wrote. Then I folded up the pages, stuffed them in an envelope, looked up online how much stamps cost these days (they seem to go up a penny every few weeks), and slapped that letter in the mailbox. Easy as pie.

I miss letters. I miss getting them, I miss writing them. I used to correspond with tons of people. Sunday night was my letter-writing night. I'd sit on my bed and gather my writing things around me, and sift through the pile of letters I'd received that week. On Monday morning I'd take the letters I'd written to the copy shop and make copies. It was the closest I ever got to keeping a regular journal.

I have one correspondent left, our old babysitter, who's now a senior in college. She's an English major with a thing for Jane Austen, so she's totally into letter-writing. And she has lovely handwriting, a bonus.

So I was thinking that maybe this year I would combine my resolution to draw more with my love of corresponding and see if I could interest anyone in a postcard exchange. Is anyone interested? You don't have to do homemade postcards (though it would be marvelous if you did), just promise to write back. If you want to, let me know. Leave your email in a comment, and I'll email you for your address.


Thanks for all the chicken feedback. I'm studying up on it. From what I've been reading, there's not a lot to it other than keeping the predators away. Oh, and convincing the Man. I'll keep you posted!



Tracy Bentley said...

Fiddle Jam.... I am in Alabama and wish they had those type of events close to where i live. I have been trying to learn to play the fiddle but I just sound like a cat in pain. My husband is learning to play the banjo and he has picked up well. We do go once a month to a bluegrass jam near our home but no fiddlers there. Do you have any tips on learning to play the fiddle?

wayside wanderer said...

I like your thinking of keeping busy. I would do a postcard exchange. That sounds like fun. Love your fiddle. It's beautiful. ~Leslie

Pom Pom said...

I like your postcard idea, too.
I like reading other peoples' letters. I'm nosy.

Angela said...

I LOVE postcards - and we use them lots in our family, even though we text and phone and email, it is so lovely to get a card out of the blue from my daughters.

Would love to exchange cards with you sometime

Melissa E said...

Hi there! Hope this isn't creepy...but I saw a comment you posted over at Cold Antler and realized we live in the same town! I read a few of your postings today and really like your blog. We have a lot in common. My husband plays the fiddle in a local bluegrass band and I am what some might consider a small backyard farmer. We have chickens, bees, and a large garden. I am always interested in connecting with folks in the county who have the same interests! Check out my blog and send me a note sometime!

Gumbo Lily said...

Postcards are so much less intimidating than full-out lettering writing where one thinks she must write 6 pages, back and front, in order for it to be considered a letter. (I do like writing and receiving those kinds tho!) Yes, I'm in for the postcard exchange. I used to be a Sunday Letter Writer too.

Love that fiddle pic and the red case.


magsmcc said...

I'll write you a letter! One with shamrocks and rain-spattered pages! How do you do all this stuff. I was going to tell you that I can now play Fly Me to the Moon, right hand only, on piano. But I'm too ashamed, so instead I'll invite you to a little blog event over at fraise- a Wind in the Willows celebration of cosy houses in winter with the call of the riverbank in spring- snappy, don't you think?!

debbie bailey said...

Your red violin case reminded me of a mesmerizing movie called The Red Violin. Have you seen it? It's the kind of movie that stays with you years after seeing it.

I want to write postcards! Sign me up!

Tracy said...

We had chickens when we lived on a 20 acre property. Loved having the eggs. Got peeved when they would come home for the night. We used to let them out to scratch around all day. I remember waking up to a ruckus one night....chook feathers everywhere and no doubt a very satisfied fox around someplace.

I can't believe it's winter and you guys are back at school already! Christmas is meant to be followed by lazy weeks of summer holidays!!!!!

Tracy said...

Hey Frances. I replied to your comment but thought I'd post here so you don't have to go looking!

We're quite away from any flooding so we're just fine. The north of our state has had a little bit of flooding (big water, small area), but mostly it's Queensland that is under water. We were concerned for my BIL last week, having just moved up there, but where they are is OK for the moment too.

Thanks for you concern. You're very sweet ;0)

Marytoo said...

I don't even know you...just wandered over here from somewhere. I am like you...a letter writer. Email is fine, but there's nothing like a real paper letter in the mailbox. I would do a postcard exchange!