Thursday, September 9, 2010


I wish I had some good "before" pix to show you, so you can grasp the amazing difference a little paint has made. Go to my last post and check out the wallpaper, then imagine it spread across yards and yards of wall. Blah. But Cornmeal walls are lovely and bright. They do look a little naked without art (or curtains), but we can't quite bring ourselves to pound a nail into their sunny sides yet. We're enjoying Cornmeal for Cornmeal's sake.

(Strange shadows on the wall--I really need a lighting guy.)

We aren't actually done painting. We made it to the last wall and a half in the dining room on Monday night. So close, but not quite there. Now ... who knows? We lived three years with our blah wallpaper; we might end up living three years with a three-quarters-done dining room. I wouldn't put it past us.

(Who can spot the unintentional subversive element in this picture? I'm too lazy to take another one; sorry, Travis!)

Except the dining room is no longer the dining room. Or at least it might not be. In an act of genius, or perhaps insanity, I moved the dining room into the living room, behind the couch. Now the dining room is just sitting there, waiting for a purpose. A sewing room/homework room? Who knows? Maybe we'll put the table back. For now it's fun to play.

I will say it's been a bit discombulating to have everything twisted and turned around. Everyone likes the new paint and the cozier set up in the living room, with the couch and chair a bit closer to the TV. But it's strange, nonetheless, to be surprised every time I walk into a room. What's the couch doing over there, I wonder? Who's house is this?

I'm pretty sure it's mine. How strange! How Cornmeal!


Ali said...

I ditched my dining room - it was an inspired move! Now we have a grown up living space with no TV and no toys - bliss.

And in a wierd bit of fate, it's a very similar colour to your new paint job!

Sandy H said...

I actually wanted a separate dining room when we were looking for a new house because I hadn't had one before--I love having one now! But for repurposing yours...ahem....sewing room? (You could always curtain it off if you didn't want it visible.)

magsmcc said...

Love it. Very grown-up and sophisticated. Travis must be delighted!

Sara Padrusch said...

It looks beautiful! I love how creative you are being with your space. Part of the reason that I change things around so much is that I love that feeling of surprise when I walk into a room I have changed.

Am so impressed!


wayside wanderer said...

Cornmeal is a great color. It is cheery, sophisticated and your house looks so uncluttered and clean. Love doogie doodle out the window, too! haha!

Pom Pom said...

Oh, I LOVE the view out the window! Everything is so light and bright!

Tracy said...

I adore cornmeal. If ever we were to be so bold as to paint again, I could be persuaded by Cornmeal. Don't know that it would go with the sage green carpet though.

Angela said...

I love that colour. Must show my other half, as our dining room is next up for repainting!

blessings xx

Sara Padrusch said...

When you get a chance come check out my blog- I have a surprise for you!


Angela said...

So I showed my other half - who said "but they have a dado rail, with white below"
That was 4 days ago.
Now he is onto "It would be relatively simple to put up a rail, and it IS a good colour, goes with our existing carpet"
Looks like we are going down the cornmeal route to, then!!!

Gumbo Lily said...

How very cornmeal it is! I really like it! The furniture looks like my new leather stuff which we all love. A *new* space indeed.


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