Thursday, July 22, 2010

Down from the Mountain--Pictures included!

I took a lot of pictures outside when we were up in the mountains, and what I discovered is, it's very hard to see what's in your viewfinder when you're standing in the full sun. There is probably a trick to this, but I haven't learned it yet.

Anyhoo. Above is a picture of our house in the mountains. A better photographer would not have cut off the chimney, but I am not a better photographer. The chimney doesn't work, sadly, so we can't have fires on cold autumn days.

This is the apple green dining room. Please note the chandelier. Most of the time, the green is very soothing and calm. But at certain times of day, when the sun hits just right, you can't even go in, for fear of going absolutely insane.

The red dot is the oil tank. The Man painted it red, and I'm glad he did. It used to be a practical rust color, but what fun is that?

This is the view from the side yard. That is our neighbor Joe's shed and his red truck. The Man is very good about going to visit Joe and his wife Nell when we're up at the mountain house. I am cultivating a reputation for shyness. I'm very bad about going visiting.

The boys and I went to the tiny farmer's market on Saturday morning and bought preserves and sugar snaps. The tomatoes in the picture are from our garden at home. Our friend Michael made these bowls a long time ago, back when he thought he would be a potter. I believe he's changed careers about five times now (he's in computers these days), but I always thought he should have stuck with pottery.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the storytelling festival in Spruce Pine. The pictures I took of the storytellers weren't much good (tho the storytellers themselves were wonderful), so I tried to take some pictures in town, to give you the flavor of what an old mountain town looks like in the parts where they haven't brought in the Walmart.

Spruce Pine used to have a drive-in theater. I don't know if it was really open Friday or not. They seem to be doing a lot in Spruce Pine to attract tourists. On Sunday night we went back to Spruce Pine, to the very same spot they held the storytelling festival, to hear a group of bagpipe players. Next Saturday, in the same spot, Irish fiddlers. I'm sorry to miss them.

Tuesday afternoon, I took myself--by myself--over to the Penland School of Craft, in the Ledger community, about ten minutes from our house. This is the view from the campus. Ain't it grand? One day, when I get rich, I'm going to take a two-week long class in making books, and another one on making paper. When I get very, very rich, because the classes are very, very expensive. How else can they pay for this view?

This is a sculpture by Patrick Doughtery, a North Carolina artist whose art is twisting branches and vines into amazing pieces. I don't know how to adequately describe the magic of what he does, but it's amazing.

Now we're back. It's supposed to be 99 degrees today. Next summer, I may move to the mountains in July and not come back until school starts up. It felt very sane to live without air conditioning for five days. At night, after the boys were in bed, the Man and I sat in the dining room and read (the Man) and quilted (me) and listened to music. It was the high point of my summer.


GretchenJoanna said...

I love sharing your vacation by means of your photo journal...and chimneys cut off actually make it more authentic-looking and personal. It seems to me you shared just the perfect sampling of scenes, in word and image. These homes away from home--I know so little of the experience--are a good prescription for what ails us about modern life.

Pom Pom said...

The house is so perfect! I'd stay there all summer!
I have three books about making books. What's stopping me?
Oh, your mountain get-away sounds absolutely wonderful. I hope the sound of the air conditioning at home doesn't set your nerves on edge. Quiet is such a precious commodity.

wayside wanderer said...

Your house is adorable and I absolutely love the brick. What a peaceful place it must be.

Sara Padrusch said...

I love your mountain house! What a treat to have a place to escape to!

I love the green apple color with my entire heart and soul.


Tracy said...

Just looking at your mountain house feels calm and serene. I think if I were you I'd spend my entire summer up there and just come home for a few days when necessary....rather than the other way around.

If you got too bored, you could invite people to come and stay with you for a weekend. Oh, or is that the extroverts in my family that would request that?!

I wish I could share with you some of the frosts we've had in our early mornings and my cold-numb fingers, to negate your heat. Soon enough though, we'll switch and you'll be cold while I swelter.

Heather said...

Wonderful house and photos!

I get the catalog for the John C. Campbell Folk School...I dream over it everytime I feel mundane and suburban. One day I'll take a class and probably want to leave. Ever.

Gumbo Lily said...

I'd be apt to stay at the mountain house all summer. I love the apple green room with chandelier!

Loved seeing the hay bales all rolled up and the movie sign too. Reminds me of small town America where I live, but we don't have the old drive-in theater any more. I wish we did.

I really don't like the A/C unless it's 99 degrees.


debbie bailey said...

Come take a class at the John C. Campbell Folk School with me. The week I was there was musician and dancers week. There was folk music everywhere you turned. Magical!

I'm going to check out the Penland Craft School too. How fun to go to adult summer camp.

Your house is cute. I like the idea of spending the summer somewhere else; either a cabin on the lake or at the beach. The most we've been able to arrange is a week here and a weekend there. I'm not complaining!

Angela said...

Oh how lovely. It has made me long for our holiday in 2 weeks time. Although we are going to East Anglia - a beautiful part of England, but no mountains at all. "Very Flat, Norfolk" was Noel Coward's description!!
Glad you had such a great time. We will be doing the reading/quilting thing in the evenings too.
Summer Blessings x

victoria said...

Okay, you're killing me. The house and the view, so so good.
I like the idea of the book-making too.