Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 Good Things About This Summer So Far

(Since I have lots of colorful fabric around for quilting, I've started experimenting with it. For instance, I've always meant to make curtains for this kitchen door, but have gone back and forth about what style and what color. I like this orange, don't you?)

1. When it's been a 100+ degrees for three days in a row, 92 degrees feels quite delightful.

2. I finally found a pesto recipe I can live with. Because Jack is allergic to tree nuts, I can't use pine nuts in my pesto, but I finally found a recipe that simply omits the pine nuts and doubles the Parmesan. Works like a charm!

3. The boys have discovered the joys of sleepovers--at other people's houses!

4. I have renewed my commitment to undieting. It feels so much better not to diet. The only problem is, right now I'm a size 14, which doesn't make me happy. BUT I have developed a new mantra. Try it: In many cultures I would be revered as a goddess. You must stand up very tall and regal when you tell yourself this. Repeat 10-12 times a day. You'll feel great!

(Same orange "curtain," later in the day.)

5. I have given up sugar and alcohol in effort to get back to a size 10 without dieting. I have also started swimming. Right now I can go about twenty yards without drowning. I think that's swell.

6. I'm having fun thinking about changes I'm going to make to my house that don't involve spending thousands of dollars on new furniture.

7. I'm also having fun dreaming of spending thousands of dollars for new furniture.

8. Actually, spending thousands of dollars on gently used furniture is also a pretty cheerful thought.

9. I'm happy that I'm back in my bloggy neighborhood. This spring was not good for blogging or spending my time with my blog-o-sphere friends. But I'm back, baby. I'm thinking about trying to blog every weekday. Possible? Stay tuned.

10. Tomatoes and basil! 'Nuff said!


Susan said...

The fabric is delightful! I think it will look smashing next to the vibrant blue of the wall beside the door.

Hint: Consider backing the curtain with an off white lining so the orange doesn't fade so quickly. It also improves the look of the window from the outside. If you use white for the backing, it turns yellow with exposure to the sun. I figure start with a yellowish off white to start with and you won't be disappointed when it changes.

Tracy said...

Hey Frances, my daughter is allergic to nuts too (just mildly, but allergic nonetheless) and we discovered that pinenuts are actually a seed. So I tried Miss Sunshine out on them and there was no reaction.

Just thought I'd mention it ~ perhaps Jack might Ok with them too.

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, tomatoes and basil. Mmmmmm. Your post made me smile and I just saw the caption under your header! Too funny.

I like the cheery orange curtains.

It has been hot here, too, and even though this is my favorite time of year I would really like some cooler temps. It is especially difficult to want to exercise in this heat. I am all about sitting really still and feeling the breeze of my ceiling fan.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, summer feels so far away, but you make me wish it was just around the corner. I'm keen on buying some new furniture too...


Pom Pom said...

Oh, please do blog every week day!
Great list. I'm so glad it cooled off, even if it's just a tiny bit. The Pacific Northwest was so mild. So different than Denver!

Gumbo Lily said...

I like the orange-y curtain in both lights.

I love your 10 Good Things.... except for #5. I like an (small) ice cream cone a day in summer and that would be ON my 10 Good Things About Summer so.....

I really *need* to spend thousands of dollars on new furniture. It's been something like 20 years since we did. Stuff gets ratty after 5 kids.

Happy Summer!

Pom Pom said...

I wanted to tell you that I so appreciate your words about NOT dieting and wearing a size 14. Today Kelli and I were at the pool and I was slouching around in my towel when Miz Bug slipped on some standing water and I hopped up, threw down my towel and "ran" over to her (NOT pretty) to scoop her up as she cried and cried and now it makes me chuckle. The life guards were pretty bored watching us in our big black swimsuits (Kelli's pregnant and looks radiant) and as much as I love the feel of water on a hot day, I don't have the strength to do that again anytime soon. The goddess has left the pool deck.