Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Days

(Will took a very artsy picture of the icicles hanging from outside his window, but I can't find it. This snowman will have to suffice.)

I'm living in a shut down town. It snowed Friday and Saturday, it snowed lots and lots, and here in the sunny South, we are ill-equipped to handle such bounty. Schools are still closed, though the main roads are now clear, according to the Man, who drove to work this morning without incident.

I personally haven't left the house since Saturday. I spent four years in graduate school in western Massachusetts, and have already met my snow quota for this lifetime.

By the way, it's 11:28 a.m., and I'm still in my jammies. I've cleaned the kitchen and the mudroom and generally made myself useful, but now I'm in the habit of staying in the ol' pjs until noon. It feels decadent and slothful. I'm almost over it. Tomorrow normal life will resume, and I will get dressed at 6:55 a.m. and become a useful member of society again.

Other than token cleaning and cooking, I have been knitting and quilting--without guilt. Mother Nature cleared my calendar for me. What can a girl do but pick up the old needles and make herself a sweater? Nuthin.' This here is prime knitting weather.

So far the boys haven't killed each other. They spent a good portion of Saturday outside sledding, spent Sunday warming back up, and were outside once again yesterday. Today it's raining, and I expect some testiness and irritableness by the afternoon. Good. They'll be ready to hit the road tomorrow and get back into their routine.

I'm ready for the snow to be gone and to get back to work myself. I'm ready to take the dog out for a good, long walk. Too bad he ate his collar. Yeah, he did. Don't ask me why. Snow craziness, I guess.

Bring on the thaw!


Danielle said...

I'm going to eat my collar. School is canceled again!! Drat the ice.

Danielle said...

...meaning school is off for us on Wed. I hope your fine school is in session as it doesn't have an army of buses to worry about.

Danielle said...
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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hey, Danielle--For some reason your first comment appeared twice, so I removed it the second time (in case anyone is wondering--no one posted a salacious comment on the blog!). I just heard that DPS canceled school for tomorrow, but haven't told the boys. Our Fine School hasn't announced. I predict they'll delay school, but not cancel. Fingers crossed!

Tracy said...

Having a day off for snow sounds like so much more fun than having school cancelled for potentially catastrophic fire conditions. We had two last year, which necessitated activating our 'leave early' plan. Blah.

Sledding...now that's something we'd enjoy doing! Enjoy your snow days and your knitting and quilting!!!!

victoria said...

I can't imagine being snowed in but it does sound sort of cool although annoying I'm sure. I like the snowman's leering smile!